I love being a mum. It is the most entertaining job I’ve ever had, where being silly and cuddling is what it takes to be the best. Littlelish is now 2.5 years old and I have been at home with her since she was born that long, hot, summers night. I tried to go back to my marketing job (the second best job I’ve ever had) when she was 5 months old but with no luck. She refused bottles (she had always been breastfed) and therefore wouldn’t eat all day. It made the choice a pretty easy one…

It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Sure we had to make sacrifices, without 2 full time jobs we had fewer holidays, shopping sprees and what not… but we survived, heck it even taught us a lesson or two! And in return I got to be there while this beautiful little person grows up a little more every day.

Although I throw myself wholeheartedly into being mum, littlelish hardly watches television and we are always playing, cooking or creating something, I noticed myself having the occasional wobble. Sure I was mum but what else was I? I was also the girl (I am still a girl at 30 alright!) who loved challenges, business and the satisfaction of achieving. Sure I was achieving as mummy but I kind of had that covered… Was it time for another challenge?

We decided that littlelish should start going to preschool (because it was good for her rather than because we needed her to go) and for the first time in a very long time I had some time to myself again. What now? Well I’ve started up a new business. I thought long and hard about what I want to do because returning to work was not really an option. All jobs that would be suitable for me are fulltime and neither of us are ready for that. So I turned to what I love. What I always complain I don’t have enough time for. Art and crafts. Would I make the time for it if I saw it as a business goal? And the answer is yes!

As you have probably noticed (I make no secret of it) I’ve started a web shop. I’m really only at the very beginning of it because building it up to what I desire is going to take a while! And my goodness it is no walk in the park. Finding the time to craft and create even with my mornings off is difficult. The design and creation process can be long let alone photographing, putting online and marketing it! The housewife in me stops functioning all together and I am only drawn to crafting and making more mess. The ideas pile up, oooh must make this, sew this, paint this – my brain is at bursting point. The things pile up, oooh need this piece of cardboard (and this one and this one), this fabric and soon enough we are living in one of those poor houses that you see on tv where there is a dead cat buried under the piles of stuff :/

I am nowhere near creating a healthy balance yet, hopping between making, networking oh yes and blogging! But last week I made my first 3 sales, all in one day and the feeling of pride that swelled in me when someone had chosen to buy something that I made was phenomenal.

Now I am not only a good mummy but an inspired one with a project of my own to keep my brain cells fresh and buzzing and it feels great!