I told you something this morning. I’m sure it went a bit in one ear and out the other but hopefully you will remember it. I told you that you are the most beautiful person I have ever known.

But I didn’t mean beautiful outside, although you are adorable with your wavy blonde hair and big brown eyes… I meant inside.

I’ve been watching you this past week and I’ve come to the conclusion, you are just the most lovely thing I have ever had the pleasure to know.

I am watching you grow every day, observing how you interact with your little friends, with grown ups, with animals and nature. You have such a gentle, kind soul. You shine a loveliness that is so pure.

I want to protect you from the world. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now not everyone is as sweet and good natured as you are. Children can be mean and spiteful and grown ups can be¬†grumpy, impatient and hard (mummy included). I know it isn’t always easy but I love how you rise above it like you do, with love and a smile, strong in your beliefs, not changing your ways to match those of others.

You are a wonderful daughter and will be a blessing to everyone that is lucky enough to call you a friend. The world needs more people like you, my darling.