This weeks Monday Moodboard theme is “The colour purple“. Purple is such an Autumnal colour, I thought it would make a great Moodboard theme but actually personally speaking, I am not a huge fan. Many years ago it was my favourite colour but I think I may have over done it somewhat and these days I tend to avoid it…

So when it came to making a purple inspired moodboard I wanted to do something to reignite my love of purple and its many shades. I started off by looking for images that I could be inspired by and found this one. I loved the soft tones of purple, the peaceful, tranquil nature of the photograph. I found it inviting and warm despite the cool shades…

I decided to initially create a simple moodboard just using this one image as it set the mood perfectly. But what I also wanted to show you was how one moodboard, one simple image can inspire a whole interior. I went on to translate the colour palette and feelings evoked by this picture into an interior. The first thing you will often work with when translating an interior from a moodboard is colours. You will see I haven’t used all the colours from the moodboard in this particular interior but it can be really useful to have a palette of colours to work with so you know when adding items such as furniture and accessories, what will fit with your theme.

I also wanted to show you how you can recreate the mood of the board in the interior. By using warm wooden pieces and soft texture like the velvet chairs and cushions you can create an inviting, welcoming space. Balancing the cool shades but still with an overall feeling of warmth (just like in the image) this would make a lovely peaceful space to read in. I absolutely need a room like this in my life, a tranquil, soothing place to escape to! What about you?

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