After a weekend of glorious weather and embracing the outdoors at the wonderful Wilderness Festival (more about that to come!) the theme of this weeks Moodboard Monday is a rather appropriate Alfresco Dining!

Moodboard Monday is a collaboration between myself and Jen over at Love Chic Living. I feature Jen’s boards over here at Lish Concepts and she features mine over at Love Chic Living so take it away Jen…

I can’t quite believe how much I’ve enjoyed putting together the Moodboard for this week’s theme of Alfresco Dining. This time I returned to my favourite site to pull together my ideas. The last few days have given us a glimpse of what the summer could have been if the warm weather had graced us with its presence and I was inspired to create a board full of sunshine, texture, fire, tropics and nature. On the Olioboard site the options for pulling Moodboards together are endless. American in origin it actually enables you to create your scene and even shop for the products there and then. I found the fabric first and then the orange covered seating and then discovered different textures – wicker, stone, cactus, wood and smooth ceramics. I love the mixture of both the textures and the colours.  My favourite piece? Well actually it’s the fire pit. I am so drawn to a real fire, and building one outdoors really brings us back to nature, and in this case, with added style! Candles, well again they feel very natural, and of course are so practical to ward off the bugs when we’re eating and drinking outdoors.

I have had great fun putting this Moodboard together and would love your comments. Does this remind you of a Summer we haven’t really had? Why not join us and share your Moodboard for Alfresco Dining. It really doesn’t matter how you choose to put one together, as long as you are happy that the end result illustrates the theme for you. Have fun!

Dining Alfresco with Jen looks to be a lot of fun!  I love the fruity colours she has used which really give me a tropical, warm feeling. Aaaahhhh…

Please hop over to Love Chic Living to take a look at my moodboard. I actually created my moodboard before visiting Wilderness Festival this weekend but I seem to have captured the essence of the festival! This moodboard is a glimpse into my soul, my happy place! You will see we took 2 entirely different approaches when looking at the theme and that is the beauty of moodboards they take you on your own creative journey. Nothing is right or wrong!

This weeks new theme is “A day at the office”

Moodboard Monday is a fortnightly collaboration between myself and the fabulous interior design blogger Jen over at Love Chic Living where we create a moodboard inspired by a certain theme. I will be featuring Jen’s moodboards on Lish Concepts and she will be featuring mine over at Love Chic Living! But that’s not all…. Moodboard Monday is also open to you! So if you are feeling inspired by this weeks offerings why not check out the theme for next week and play along.

You can create your Moodboard any way you like, with an actual magazine collage scanned in or photographed or using the computer ie. photoshop, picmonkey, olioboard or Polyvore. You may want to focus on interiors one week and fashion the next, you may want to use your own photography – anything goes, feel free! If you would like some ideas about how to create your moodboards check out my tutorial on How to create the perfect moodboard. The only rule is you need to use the week’s theme as a guideline (but as you see they can often be interpreted very differently!) and pop back the following Monday, grab the button from over in the sidebar and link up your creation via the comments!