We had a rather mad week last week and didn’t seem to have a minute to breath let alone leisurely snuffle around charity shops. We did however manage to have some fun downtime at Belton House on Thursday where they also have a little second hand book shop located in the old stables. It is a curious set up which I adore, in each stall they have created wall to wall bookshelves so each one looks like a mini library. I kept on trying to persuade Littlelish it was fine to talk at normal volume but she didn’t believe me! “ssshhhhhhhhh mummy”. Heading straight for the vintage books I managed to pick up this little beauty for a whole 2 pounds which I was rather delighted with. I also found a cool vintage green and red map of Cornwall for 50p which I thought I could use in some crafty way (tbc).

The book I found is called The Mammoth Wonder Book (1930’s) which is a collection of fairy stories and rhymes by authors and poets like the Brothers Grimm, Robert Louis Stephenson and Lewis Carroll. The illustrations of which there are 350 (!) are by Anne Anderson and are so magical.

I know, I know it is another book! Hopefully I’ll find something else next week :) Check out Me and my shadow for some other fab finds!

Me and My Shadow