This week I added to my ever growing vintage book collection. It started when I came across a 1920’s edition of a flower fairies book and fell in love with it! I originally bought it to sell on as I knew the illustrations were rather collectable. But the book was so special, I couldn’t give it away let alone cut it up to sell the illustrations… and then it started! I realised there are some amazing old books that end up on the shelves of charity shops for a rather long time, no-one seems interested in re-homing these beauties. I have always had a love of books, I adore reading myself and also to Littlelish so I’ve taken it on as a personal mission to give all the books (well mostly gorgeous vintage children’s illustrated books) a loving home with us :)

So this week I found a vintage Fairy Tales book by the Brothers Grimm. I haven’t sat down to read it yet but I can’t wait to read¬† “The shoes which were danced to pieces” and “Hans the Hedgehog”. As you will see it also has some lovely illustration plates in it by H.E Butler. I haven’t been able to date it just yet, there seem to be quite a few versions of these stories out there – some majorly collectable! I don’t think this is really worth a fortune but it is absolutely lovely nonetheless.











The other book I found was Stories from the Bible by Walter de la Mare, 1933. I bought this one really for the woodcut prints inside (by John Farleigh) which I think are absolutely beautiful. I would love to see them framed on a wall but I don’t think I will be able to cut them out of the book so I’ll just have to admire them occasionally.











And lastly I found this sweet 1940’s/1950’s wash basin set. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste and really rather “granny chic” but I think it is beautiful and can just imagine it on a shabby chic dresser. This little pretty is going into my shop Vintage Avignon for sale.










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