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I love a bit of luxury and my nickname may or may not be Exclucy ;) But how do you achieve such a look in a regular family home? My guestpost today is all about creating that look and includes some excellent tips. My absolute favourite is the last one, it is all about being unique people!

Anyone who’s ever considered bringing a touch of luxury to a home that’s filled with children, pets, or even just a couple of normal people that don’t simply sit nicely all day without touching anything, will know that it’s a difficult task.

On the one hand, luxury does mean expensive items that don’t do much apart from look nice: immaculate carpets, plush bedding – all the things most of us would need to save up for a fair few months to afford. On the other hand, however, there is another type of luxury – a luxury that looks striking, is simple to create, and easy to maintain even if your house is filled with all of the pets, kids and badly-behaved people you could possibly fit in it. This article will take a look at the best low-maintenance luxurious interior décor choices around, so read on and let luxury become yours!

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Fabulous flooring. Carpet does of course have its benefits – warmth, softness, that homely feel – but for lasting style and no fuss, laminate’s the only way to go. This sleek and stylish option is available in so many finishes, as the laminate flooring here shows, it’s easy to match any given décor style. It’s also easy to keep clean, as we all know carpet isn’t, giving that show-home look without the unrealistic lifestyle. Also, the addition of a strategically-placed rug or two can give back that cosy feeling, and they’re much easier to swap and change as tastes change, too.

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Crazy colours. Before skimming over this section in disgust, take a look at the striking colours here, and admit that the result looks extremely designer home-esque! Done right, bold and even clashing colours can quickly give that high-class look, and without the need to match all furnishings it can be a much more frugal option.

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Light fantastic. The right lighting can really transform a room from a dull, cave-like space to a palatial retreat. Chandeliers are the ultimate dream, but if the light fixtures in a home don’t allow for these dreams to be realised, there is still hope. Take a look at these ingenious spotlight chandeliers for example. Looking for another reason to splash out on some great lighting? It’ll be mounted up high, well out of the reach of clumsy pets and curious children!

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Seek unique. Filling a home with unique and tailored pieces is the quickest way to get a luxurious and expensive look, but it can in fact be one of the cheapest ways too. Shopping for plain but well-made basic items then using craft materials to customise them will result in a completely new and unique look; so be inspired by the cushion customising tips here, the flat-pack furniture pimping ideas here, and whatever other wacky designs a quick search online serves up.