Littlelish and I moved into our new house just over a month ago. It’s lovely. I knew the first time I viewed it that this was going to be a place I would be happy in, which was important to me. Sure it might not be the most practical of places, it’s a 200 year old stone cottage, it’s cold, has oil central heating and tiled floors. But hey it’s nothing the woodburner and a pair of slippers can’t fix :)

I was right, it is definitely a happy place, I knew the charm of stone walls, beams, woodburner and a country kitchen would do it for me…. and they most certainly do. Even when my Littlelish goes off to see her daddy I don’t feel alone, this house is my company. It lives and breathes and has a sweet soul about it. It’s tiny but that makes me feel safe. Its pretty much 2 up, 2 down and I call it my hobbit house, even I bang my head on the door frames and I’m only 5’7!

Space is definitely something we struggle with though so I’m on a mission to find practical storage solutions for every room. Despite being a Capricorn I don’t really do massively practical at home, or maybe I do and I’m doing myself a disservice?… I do try!

The main issue at the moment is toy storage! Why are toys so bloody messy? And why are they either tiny and fiddly (I find little moshi monsters or Sylvanian family bottles in every corner of my house) or large and weirdly shapen = impossible to put away? I need some serious help with toy storage!!

In search of some affordable, sturdy options for toy storage I visited Littlewoods who have some fantastic options available and guess what they have a sale on! Hallelujah. These are my favourite options for tidying up those messy toys.

While I was online I also had a little nosy around the other things available at Littlewoods. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of cool stuff for the house. Did you know they stock Graham and Brown, Julien MacDonald and designs by Laurence LB? There is some seriously lush bits to be found…

I had a little play with a moodboard for restyling Littlelish’s room. What do you think? I’ve always like to keep children’s rooms beautiful and stylish as well as child friendly. I just love this butterfly wallpaper and the white/multicoloured theme, food for thought indeed :)

Bedroom fun!