style-pinkstags-head-1stags-head-3stags-head-2This week I’m rather proud of the fact that I’ve actually acheived a playroom declutter, it was so very long overdue and with a 9 week old baby, quite frankly any chores I actually manage to complete from start to finish, make me very happy! After several months of being totally outfaced at the thought of even attemtping to sort through the hoards of toys, paper, games, glitter, plasticine and creations, I literally couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I only dare to declutter when Littlelish is out of the house. Anyone else have a little girl who is obsessed with keeping everything? I mean everything, from the pencils and paper hat she got at pizza express, the ball she got in a cracker last Christmas to the glitter glue splodge she made on a piece of paper 4 months ago (I’m not even exaggerating!) Oh my goodness she is a nightmare. I’ve promised to show her the videos of those poor hoarders homes that get completely out of control as a warning to her – this is what you life could become if you don’t let me throw away this piece of paper with glitter glued on it!

Babylish in sling, I set to work to slaying the beast! With the playroom finally clear, I thought I’d celebrate by putting up our new light from Iconic lights which I had planned to go over the fireplace. As an ambassador for the brand I was invited to take a look through their latest additions to their online shop. I’ve mentioned before the incredibly quality versus price of Iconic Lights. I love the fact that you can pick up a really cool, statement light for next to nothing.

Much of their latest stock is really fun and playful. There is a real trend for quirky lighting and they definitely have that box ticked. Some of my favourites include the woodcut animal heads ranging from £20 to £40 (stag, rhino and bulldog), the white star lamp which comes in arrow. heart and & shapes too at £15 and the Retro telephone lamp £45.

rhinostar light

phone lamp

We were sent the Vintage Stag’s Head light to review which I thought would make an excellent addition to the playroom. Since moving into our house late last summer (remember the one that needed rennovating?) we’ve not yet tackled the work in the playroom but the plan is to create a colourful, retro room. I love the idea of adding touches of fun and wanted a focal point above the fireplace. I’d obviously never want anything that resembled a real animals head but I do like the wood cuts you can get, I’d never seen one that doubled up as a light too.

The whole thing was easy to put together and pretty fun, like a jigsaw puzzle really. Attaching it to the wall was easy too and within no time we’d added a fun feature to our fireplace. For £40 I’d say that’s a bargain! If I had one point for improvement it would be that I thought it would have been a bit handier if it were battery operated as the lead hanging down slighly detracts from the look and means you have to place it within reach of a plug socket. But all in all another awesome light from Iconic lights, great job guys!