It’s October! Or should I say FrOcotber! This month I, along with many other mummy bloggers, will be wearing a dress every single day of the month to raise awareness and money for PNI ORG UK – A post natal illness support charity.

According to research 10 -15 mums in every 100 suffer from post natal depression after the birth of their child. PNI ORG UK offers support, advice and care to women in need at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Not having suffered with post natal depression myself, I do know of many that have and understand what a worthwhile cause this is.

So I, Mummylish am giving my pre Littlelish dresses an airing and embracing my feminine side for a whole month. No more staple mum jeans. I will be making an effort to wear a dress every day (wonder if I have enough to last me the month, might have to get creative!) and heck I might even wear some lipstick and pluck my eyebrows ;) Proof will be available for you non believers on Instagram!

Do you want to join in with FrOctober? All you need to do is…

Wear a frock for the month of October – or a dress/tunic/skirt/skort/cullotes. Preferably a dress though. The dresses do not have to be new!

Let everyone know about FrOcotber – Like the Facebook page. If you are on twitter, tweet a picture of what you wear each day, with the hashtag #frOctober. If you are an Instagrammer, post the picture on Instagram.

You can donate to PNI ORG UK here – Thanks for your support! xxx