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From clashing colours to impractical furnishings, the world of interior design has more pitfalls than you can shake a stick at.  Though there are no hard and fast rules to creating the perfect interior, there are some basic principals that you can follow when decorating your interior to give yourself the best chance of success.

So if you’re about to transform your living room or give your bedroom a facelift, here’s a quick guide to interior design for beginners.

Keeping it simple

One of the key rules for interior design novices is to keep it simple. Bombarding a room with different colours and patterns is likely to result in clashing tones and a messy appearance. In general, less is more and introducing one or two key features into the space is normally a much better way to go.

blue kitchen

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Giving each room a theme

A great way to introduce character and style to your home’s interior is to give each room in your property a distinct theme. The easiest and most effective theme to go for is colour, with a different shade running through the accessories and soft furnishings in each space. As they are eye-catching and stylish, bright colours generally work best for this with oranges, greens and blues all good choices.

black and yellow bathroom

It’s all in the details

Often, the key to a successful interior design is in the details, so making sure you get them right should be a priority. Things like front doors, window frames and skirting boards will all have a big impact on how a room looks and feels and you can use them very effectively to enhance the theme that you’ve chosen for the rest of the space.

painted stairs

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Making sure your design works

Having a living room that looks fantastic is all well and good, but if your sofa is uncomfortable or your carpet is so white you’re afraid to drink a cup of tea anywhere near it, the design may not be suitable for you in the long run. So before you commit to any interior look, make sure you think through all of the potential pros and cons of each element of your design.

laundry room

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With a little bit of careful planning and creativity, even complete interior design novices should be able to create an look that they love, so why not roll up those sleeves, crack open that paint tin and create a design of your very own.