We have some issues, already for quite some time with Littlelish and preschool. I’ve tried to ignore them in the hope that it is just a phase and they will pass but Littlelish says she hates preschool.

When I asked her today why she hates preschool she told me it was because she “already knows everything that is important in the world”.

“Mummy I know about listening, about holding hands when you are told to, about being kind, about playing with others.”

What’s more she said she hates the activities at school, she hates writing, she hates reading… Quite frankly it’s leaving me a bit worried. Especially with her starting school this September.

There is no doubt that Littlelish is an exceptionally bright little thing. We’ve known it since she was small. I know all parents think their child is bright but Littlelish really is. She can sound out 3 and 4 letters words which means she is already reading basic books. She can spell and write short words too. Her vocabulary is outstanding for a child of 3. She uses words like captured, injured and gulp on a daily basis and if you ask her the meaning of some really grown up, complex words she will be able to tell you without hesitation. She also speaks Dutch and can translate between the two languages. She is really into science in a big way and will be able to tell you all about gravity and earthquakes if you ask her.

I’m sure it’s all linked with her being highly sensitive and we are really just trying to understand it all and figure out the best way, as parents, to deal with it. I’m very much led by her and what she wants to do. I never force work or activities upon her (nor could I, she is so strong willed). Mostly she likes to be social, play with her friends or make up imaginative games. Sometimes I feel guilty, that I should be pushing her more, to develop her obviously very capable brain but then I think she is so little, knows so much already I’d rather just let her have fun and relax. After all she will be at school soon enough.

Yesterday we found out which school Littlelish will be joining in September. It’s a wonderful, small school with a very warm, friendly atmosphere. I’m hoping it will suit her sensitivities well. But I’m also so nervous about how she will take to a full day spent on learning activities. Especially as many of the initial activities, phonics, numbers etc are things she has known for more than a year now. I’m hoping to goodness they are prepared to work with us on providing activities that will stimulate her and not leave her feeling bored and uninspired.

Which is exactly how she seems to be at preschool at the moment, not being challenged by her peers or teachers is really getting to her. She has even started to occasionally speak like a baby again which as I just read in this excellent article (about young gifted children at school) is often the case when trying to fit in with their peers. Littlelish is a child with a true love of learning, I really hope we can give her the education she deserves when school time comes around!