As a regular reader you may remember a while ago I wrote about Littlelish being highly sensitive, what led me to believe this and how it isn’t always a bad thing. It was entitled ‘We have a sensitive child and she is great!‘. I received quite a few comments and emails from people on this subject, many with not such positive experiences who are struggling to deal with their HSC. There are many highs to having a highly sensitive child but I would be lying if I ignored the fact that there are quite a few lows or ‘challenges’ too. But this is parenting right? It is all about the challenges…

One of our major, major challenges in our house is… socks… and knickers… and shoes… and pretty much clothes in general. On a particularly sensitive day (like today) we will have to change knickers (once), socks (once), clothes (once) and shoes (three times!) because they don’t “feel nice”. This isn’t just a casual statement, these words which I have grown to hate are said in an ultra whiney voice, combined with ‘Kevin the teenager style’ huffing, puffing, flailing of arms and legs, wailing and throwing herself to the floor. I get it, she is sensitive, sensitive to how things fit, how tight or loose they are, seams, any possible squeezing, rubbing or uncomfortable feeling. I really do get it, but oh my goodness it is SO frustrating, especially when you are trying to get them dressed for school and out the door so we aren’t late… again.

I try to patiently work with her on this and am happy to accommodate a change of socks/knickers/tshirt here and there – fine! But woah did I have to do some serious breathing techniques this morning to stop myself from exploding. It didn’t work, I totally lost my temper after the second shoe change (this was after the knickers, jumper, socks AND first shoe change) and we ended up getting into the car with some real feelings of sadness, anger and frustration about how the morning had played out.

We talked about it in the car on the way to school, I explained just how frustrating I find it and she in turn explained how yucky they make her feel. I explained how when my patience runs out I get angry and she told me that it makes her sad, which made me sad… But really short of moving to a sunnier clime and becoming nudists, what can we do? We all have to wear clothes and socks and shoes most of the time. Here are some things we have tried to use to ease the situation with differing degrees of success. Who, oh who, has anymore tips for me?

Test: We always test when buying clothes to see if they are comfy. (They normally are at the time of purchase but don’t always stay that way)

Avoid: Any clothing that is too tight or that rubs.

Adapt: We often cut the feet out of tights and wear them with socks to school because tights are just too unbearable!

Wiggling: We always do a wiggle test. If it doesn’t feel nice, I make Littlelish wiggle around or do something for a minute and sometimes she gets used to it!