I’ve been a little bit naughty… I’ve been so snowed under recently that I’ve been sitting on a fab competition. I know, I know, how dare I? Not deliberately I hope you understand. Worst of all it’s a summer competition and as I woefully realise we are in September (although we do have sun guys and isn’t it lush?)

You see a while ago, while the sun was shining and before I got ridiculously busy, I spent a lot of time lazing about in my garden and more precisely, my hammock. During which time I was raving about hammocks, on instagram on facebook on twitter, wherever, whenever I could. You see we LOVE hammocks. It’s something about the gentle swaying motion, the relaxation and more than likely the fact that I probably first experienced a hammock in some divinely warm country.

We’ve had our 2 person hammock for a very long time and it has actually traveled all over the world with us including our very first holiday to Italy. This year we are in a new house and decided the perfectly situated apple trees in our garden were crying out for our hammock. As soon as we put it up Littlelish was in it like a flash! I guess it wasn’t surprising that she instantly loved hammocks too. The first week we put it up she spent a lot of time relaxing in it, reading, singing. I quote her as saying “Mummy, this hammock is actually like being in heaven” :)

So when the wonderful people at Hen and Hammock (fabulous online shop with everything for your garden!) offered us a children’s hammock for Littlelish, my little girl was very happy. This one was to go up on the tree behind our hammock so we could all play! When it arrived we excitedly put it up quickly, after many years as chief hammock hanger I have now perfected the art :) For those of you that need help hanging a hammock here is a great video. The hammock is woven from soft cotton in Brazil by a fair trade organisation called Amazonas and the quality is absolutely beautiful. A great size, the hammock is suitable for babies up until the age of about 6. According to their website “The swaying promotes a sense of balance, one of the reasons why hammocks are commonly used in child therapy.” Ah ha! I have my theory that it reminds us of being carried in the womb and that is why it has such a soothing effect. I’m off to research that now!

Back and wow I learned a lot in a very short time! Did you know?

  • The soothing motion of swinging soothes, relaxes and increases concentration. Children who have trouble focusing on tasks such as reading or math, might find it easier to concentrate in a hammock while their bodies are engaged in a soothing motion.
  • The motion of swinging restores balance to the vestibular system, provides proprioceptive input (deep pressure) and generally helps autistic-spectrum children feel more “in balance”.
  • Hammocks can be used in premature baby therapy as well as in the treatment of arthritis, acid reflux, sleep apnea or simply to reduce stress and provide a healthier night sleep.
  • The zero-pressure point ergonomics and the ability to slightly elevate your upper body are keys to a healthy sleep that no flat surface or mattress provides.

So with the last days of summer drawing near, we will be taking down the hammocks and after all I have read I am very keen to put it up inside the house (keep you posted on that one!). It provides such a lovely place for Littlelish to retreat to. A safe, warm cocoon where she can read and sing. I’m even thinking of a beachy bedroom…

The lovely people at Hen an Hammock have also given me one gorgeous hammock to giveaway! You decided if you want it inside, to take on holiday or for next summer (sorry!) Entries via the rafflecopter below please :)

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