Littlelish happily plods out of the classroom. Ladened down with bags, water bottle in one hand, pretty floral plimsolls in the other, cardi slung over her shoulder, she hardly looks big enough to be carrying all that stuff let alone wearing school uniform. Her bright blonde curls are trying to escape any which way they can from the plaited jail they are confined to. She waves goodbye to a small gathering of children who are all shouting her name, trying to say bye to her. She smiles warmly when she sees me, a kind of proud grown up smile. She did it, she survived her first school day and whats more she loved it. She asks why she can’t stay for lunch why she has to go home now…

This is her idea of heaven, she loves the interaction with other children and anything to do with learning. On her last pre school report her teacher wrote that she will be an absolute joy for her new teacher to teach. She has such an inquisitive natureĀ  and a true love of learning.

There were no tears from her that day and none from me either. Rather than be sad that my baby is growing up, I’m just so proud of her and so excited for her to be able to discover more about the world. I’ve done my best to answer all the questions she has, of which there are so so many, this weekend alone I’ve been explaining about prosthetic limbs and why animals play dead when under threat. Oh yes she wants to know it all!

It’s definitely an exciting time for us both. A new chapter of our life is starting, Littlelish is going to school.