It is party planning time! There is only one theme Littlelish wants for her birthday party and that is fairies… so fairies it is! First step in the party planning was to make an invitation. Every birthday I have designed my own invite for her, last year I made a very lovely collage invitation with all Littlelish’s favourite things at the time (dandelions, rabbits, the beach, shells) which we have now framed. So this year I wanted to create my own fairy inspired invite.

Image taken from Blackie’s Children’s Annual

I have a vintage children’s book (picked up from a charity shop) with the most lovely illustration in, a girl playing with fairies who are throwing blossom at her from the tree. I’ve long admired it and done nothing with it because I cannot bear to rip it out of the book. I scanned it in and changed the colours from black and white to something a little more girly. I don’t really want to have an entirely pink party so we are having a rainbow coloured theme with a good helping of pink for my Littlelish. I cleaned up the image as it was vintage and a little ‘scratchy’, changed the blossom to rainbow colours and added some rainbow stripes to the back of the invite with all the details on (you can see a sliver of it at the side).

So now all the little fairy friends have been invited and I have the party colours and theme to go forward with the party planning. Fun!

What do you think of my invite? Would you like me to make an original invite for your little ones birthday party or even for your own? Drop me an email and we can discuss creative ideas!