On Saturday we celebrated Littlelish’s 3rd birthday by throwing her a fairy party. Although I was super looking forward to it I spent all week fretting about the rain and having to do it inside the house. Our house is not really small but I think the walls start to close in on you the minute you get 10 3 year olds and their mothers in any room! Plus we were arriving back late on Thursday night from Holland and I distinctly remembered leaving the house in rather a tip before I left.  All the weather reports were predicting rain so it was a case of doing an emergency tidy up on Friday, trying to put some order into my creative chaos in the kitchen, hanging some bunting inside and keeping my fingers crossed they had got it wrong! Turns out my prayers worked (though my house was nice and tidy by this point!) as it stayed dry and we even had some lovely sunshine! It was great as it meant the party could go ahead as I had imagined…

We had the bunting and pom poms from Plush Parties decorating our ancient apple trees, spotty balloons decorating the front door and plenty of lawn for little fairies to flutter around happily. I also made up some fairy dust which was liberally sprinkled around. We had a pretty picnic rug which was laid out on the grass which I used to sit on while I painted the children’s faces. The girls also used it as their creative station where they stuck gems on little secret treasure boxes and decorated, iced and sprinkled up their biscuit fairy wands.

We played pass the parcel (and I spent the whole time frantically hoping I had made enough layers!!), listened and danced to the FAB party CD from Justin Fletcher,  ate yummy party food and generally had a jolly old time. The gorgeous fairy house from Win Green was a huge hit, it seemed to really add to the fairy atmosphere and there was always about 3 children in it at any given time.

The 2 hour time slot I had planned literally flew past and it was very soon time for everyone to go home. I breathed an enormous sigh of relief at the fact that I had actually counted the number of little fairy guests correctly (not missing anyone off!) and would not be left ‘one party bag short’ as I had dreaded all week! So the fairy party was a big HIT! Hopefully it was a memorable day for her, she looked so happy and beaming all day, so proud her friends were there to share it all which of course made it all worthwhile :) I was chuffed at having arranged a lovely party despite all the chaos currently going on in our lives.

I have to say a little bit of extra planning really paid off.  Creating a board on pinterest is great for storing ideas on food, decoration, games etc and using a website like Plush Parties really took a lot of the stress away as all the party supplies were delivered to my doorstep!

I will be putting together a little guide to planning the perfect fairy party so if you are thinking of throwing a fairy party and want more details on the activities or fairy decorations we had, watch this space!!