Whether it is watching music videos, playing games or researching a topic on the internet, Littlelish adores being able to use the computer and the tablet. Although I am quite strict on the amount of technology Littlelish uses on the day to day, I know there are definite advantages for having access to technology. Todays guest post explains how to get children involved in technology in an educational way and also shares with us the best educational apps for your children. 

Today, kids are often more adept at using mobile devices than their parents. Who are you to get these technologically advanced children to leave their smartphones and tablets to study? The answer is to incorporate technology with learning. Instead of prying your kid away from their electronics, bring education to them.

Grab Android or Apple apps that incorporate learning and install these on your mobile devices. Make sure you have the best internet connection if you’re planning on downloading  several apps. Remember to compare broadband providers to find the best one for your family.

Younger Kids

If you want to teach your kids some maths and reading, grab these apps from your device’s app store. Here are a few games that make learning fun and interesting:

  • Medieval Math Battle Pro – This app combines maths with battling monsters. It’s great for kids who love role-playing games.
  • Slice Fractions – Move over Fruit Ninja, this new game incorporates fractions into a quest to help a mammoth slice through ice and lava.
  • Justin’s World – Justin Fletcher is the face of this app, which focuses on eight letter-sounds that reading beginners need to learn. Fletcher may be familiar to young CBeebies viewers.
  • DK Readers – This read-it-yourself app helps young kids experience the joy of reading.

Older Kids

Older kids may need help with their studies as well. They might not always ask for guidance, but they will definitely benefit if you get them apps to help with their academic life. Here are some apps you could download for them:

  • Free Graphing Calculator – For those learning about higher functions of math, this graphing calculator app offers a scientific calculator function and graphing capabilities.
  • Interactive Science Glossary: Life Science – Students struggling with science will definitely benefit from this app. It’s a great revision tool for learning about almost 100 life science concepts.

Kids of Any Age

There are also apps out there that can interest kids at any school level. Here are some that may make their time on their tablets more productive.

  • NASA App – Who isn’t interested in learning more about the leading aeronautics institution in the world? This app gives kids of all ages access to news, features, mission information and stories directly from NASA.
  • TED – The official TED App gives anyone access to the informational and inspirational talks from scientists, entrepreneurs, gurus, and other trailblazers who have left their mark in today’s society. Who knows, your kid may be next in line!

So that your child can benefit from apps like this, make sure you get a strong internet connection, like Virgin Media fibre optic broadband, that can support all of your family’s internet requirements. Make sure you compare broadband services to find the best one for you.

Whether your child is interested in maths, science, or reading, there is an app that can make their mobile device usage more productive. They might even find that learning through electronic devices is more effective than reading books. When they are enjoying learning, they will naturally do better in their school work, without having to be forced to study.