inspirationpinksunset-smalldreamer-quoteHow often do you allow yourself to dream? Like really dream big?

Perhaps you are a little like me. As I’ve grown older, become a mum, taken on more responsibility I’ve almost stopped allowing myself to dream. My day to day life demands I be realistic, so my wildest dreams have to form an orderly queue at the back of my mind, behind what we are going to have for dinner and whether Littlelish’s school uniform is clean.

And yet they are still in there, my beautiful dreams…

I dream of an ocean front house in California. Waking up to the soft sound of the sea lapping at the shore and spending time collecting shell treasures washed up on the sand with my daughter. While she was at school I’d take time in my studio to paint, inspired by the phenomenal beauty around me. We would finish the day as a family on the veranda watching the sky turn orange and purple as the sun bids us farewell for another day.

I’ve heard it said that California is a place where dreamers end up, perhaps I’m just being called home.


The golden state captured my heart 6 years ago, before the birth of my daughter. I took 2 months off to travel from LA up to the most northern point of California. It was the best summer of my life.

I experienced the beautiful sunset beaches of Monterey, the mighty Yosemite national park, the majestic redwood forests, the hip art galleries of downtown LA. I even managed to actually get lost on the lost coast. I travelled every road I could discovering the wonders and secrets of California and still I probably only barely scratched the surface. The beauty and variety of the landscape is awe-inspiring, there is a greatness that makes you feel incredibly alive and energised.




But is isn’t only the beauty of the place, the sunshine, the blue skies, the palm trees… California has a soul that is almost tangible and truly infectious and it can be found in the people too. I met such wonderful, inspirational friends out there, each one with real creativity and passion. They were so alive, so very free and it was contagious. My mind was opened, I felt inspired, I started dreaming big, mainly of ways I could return to this amazing place.


This week I’ve been inspired once again to dream as I’ve been chosen to be part of Visit California’s #dreambigawards campaign. The question is if the sky was the limit and I was really dreaming big, what would be MY unique Californian dream?

Of course this time I’d share the amazing adventure with my family. I’d be excited for them to be awe-inspired in the same way I was all those years ago. Perhaps we would explore in a campervan. I’d show Littlelish the wonder of the ancient sequoias and we’d blow our minds at the weird and wonderful Joshua tree. We’d certainly take a trip to Seaworld to see the dolphins and The San Diego zoo for my little animal lover.

But after all of that, to finish off a wonderful trip, my dream big California dream would be to throw a huge hippy beach party! Everyone would be invited including all the beautiful Californian dreamers we meet along our travels!

In the words of one of my favourite authors Jack Kerouac



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text-california-dreamI’m entering my dream into a competition to win a trip of a lifetime to California for me and my family with the #dreambigawards.

What are your dreams, you haven’t forgotten have you?

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