inspirationbluesmallerWelcome to my summer, no dreamy days spent relaxing on the beach, watching the light dance off the sparkling blue seas. My summer involves dust, drilling, hammering and camping of sorts… but not the fun kind.

Yep, we are rennovating this summer and although we have taken time out to have some fun together, we are under pressure to get the house sorted relatively quickly because in true Grand Designs fashion…. we have a baby on the way! I’m 21 weeks pregnant so just over the halfway mark and I know December is approaching fast.

baby bump 20 weeks

My priority is to get a new bathroom installed before baby’s arrival. No amount of cleaning can bring this bathroom back, it’s past the point of saving. We have chipped and cracked tiles, strip lighting, a bath with carpeted sides and the officially the worlds oldest shower… it’s the stuff of nightmares especially with a new baby.


In my dreams I can visualise walking down the long hallway with sanded wooden floors and being greeted by a white, light, glistening bathroom suite. Oh my it really is the stuff of dreams… But wait there may be light at the end of the hallway after all… The Big Bathroom Shop are teaming up with Tile Mountain to offer one lucky winner the chance to WIN a bathroom remodel worth £3500. So what would my dream bathroom be?

I’d like a serene space, where tranquility and calmness prevails. It needs to be clean, fresh and modern but still with a nod to the past, as our house is an Edwardian period property and we want to keep touches of the period style running throughout. I particularly like the elegance and timelessness of these suites from The Big Bathroom Shop (click image to go to link) and I think these would work well in our house to create a stylish, modern bathroom which is still in keeping with the house.

As a ocean lover I would love to include an element of sea tones and beachiness into the space. I particularly like the combination of white, wood and sea blues in interiors. I have a beautiful shell collection which I’d like to display, adding the finishing touches to my dreamy ocean inspired room. I loved these tiles from Tile Warehouse (click image to go to link) for the beautiful detail they could bring to the room, the antique glass ones reminded me of beautiful reflections on the sea.

sea turtle

The Skyros tile transports me straight to holidays in Greece, I feel instantly relaxed and happy. These would look beautiful on the wall or on the floor.

I also really think the white metro tiles are very cool, they were often found in Edwardian houses but are also incredibly modern. WIN WIN!

I’d finish the look with some lovely wooden and perhaps seaglass accessories and a large feature mirror bouncing sunlight off into the room. Then I could lie in my roll top bath and be transported to a beautiful island of tranquility…. that is until the baby cries!

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