The last couple of months have been exciting and all about change and new starts. Littlelish started school, I started a new blog and we moved into a new home.

This home, unlike all of our previous homes, is a new property. If I am honest I have always been attracted to older houses, I love the character, the quirks and the details. But there are certainly downsides to living in a period property.

Some of the older houses I have lived in have been dark with low ceilings. If they are cottagey there is often not enough space, especially if you are a bit of a craft material horder like me ;) Older properties can require a lot of maintenance and they seem to be a nightmare to clean (all those nooks and crannys).

So I am missing the character of an old property but what I do have is very much a blank canvas to create my dream home. It is a lovely, spacious house with good room proportions. We also have a lot of nice, natural light coming in through the large upvc windows and doors. The walls are all currently white, the carpets cream (aaargh to keeping cream carpets clean with a 4 year old!) and I am looking forward to personalising it and making it OUR home.

But where do you start when making a dream home? Here are my thoughts :)

Don’t rush

Don’t rush into decorating and filling every room with furniture. Take your time to settle in a little and reflect on what might work and what you use the space most for.

Consider your rooms and spaces

Think about who uses which room and what it is most likely used for. Think practically and functionally for your family so that everyone has the space they need, to do the things they do.

Get inspired

Buy magazines, use Pinterest, read blogs, let yourself be inspired and pick up great ideas along the way.

Feel it

For me interior design is about creating a mood in a room. How do you want your room to make you feel? Do you want to feel creative and inspired in your study? What does creative and inspired mean to you? Do you want to feel calm and relaxed in your bathroom? What do you find calming and relaxing? This is the greatest way to make your house your home.

Get creative

Once you considered what you want from a room you can think about making a moodboard for each individual room. Think about how you wanted to feel in the room and choose your images (and your paints, furniture and accessories when you get round to choosing them) accordingly.

Find your favourite shops online

We all have different tastes and budgets so my favourite shops may not be yours but do a bit of research into the best shops for your taste and budget so you know where to go when you need something. Bookmark them on your computer, sign up to their catalogues. Again it is about being inspired but also knowing where to get things from! Check out Betta Living for some great inspiration for your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.


Your home is all about you, it is a reflection of your personality. The greatest thing that makes someone’s home special is their special things, be that photographs, memories, art or family heirlooms. Don’t be afraid to personalise and customise :)