Dream office

As a blogger and general creative type it is really important to have a good workspace to focus my mind and get my creative juices flowing. With plans to take over the world (I’m planning on starting not 1 but 2 new blogs – watch this space eeek!) it’s time to address my home office and get some structure and zen into my workspace. It is getting serious ladies and gents.

Currently my desk is tucked away under the stairs, I’m facing a wall and the lighting is poor. Needless to say it is not particularly inviting and most of the time I actually end up writing on my bed or on the sofa which is not doing my posture any favours. My desk acts as a storage table and ends up buried under magazines, post and drawings from Littlelish.

So I’m planning on creating a new office, one conducive to writing and creativity. I’ve been on the hunt for some inspiration and pulled together a moodboard of the kind of office space I would like to create.

To me an office should be:


My home office needs to be simple, unfussy and uncluttered. Work seems to generate clutter, papersĀ  etc so it is important to try and minimise it.

Light and airy

I am particularly sensitive to light and find bright, natural light to be motivating. Luckily my new office space has lots of windows so will let in plenty of light.

Key items

Absolutely key is a statement chair, a functional desk, a beautiful table lamp, and a nice green plant.


I like the walls in my workspace to be a shade of white as I find this clean, soothing and calm but then I am a big fan of white anyway (I like to inject colour through soft furnishings and accessories). Apparently blue is the colour you need to boost your creativity though.


I love to have things around me that inspire me in every room of the house but it is especially important in my workspace. I normally have a board to pin up images that I find inspiring, pages of magazines, articles, artwork, creative work in progress but also photographs and memories of good times.

I’m getting started on my new office and will reveal all soon :)