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This week the bathroom renovations have begun. We’ve currently an empty plastered shell waiting for floor tiles, panelling and the bathroom suite to be fitted. The rolltop bath still hasn’t arrived as we are having a few issues with the supplier, which will hopefully be sorted soon!

It seems very appropriate that today’s guest post is actually all about what to consider when choosing your new bathtub when it’s been the source of rather a lot of stress for us the past three weeks. Let’s hope we’ve made the right choice when it finally arrives.

Considering the extensive selection of bathtubs on the market today, it may seem a simple task identifying one that is perfect for your bathroom space. But the worst mistake you could make is to rush into the purchase of your new tub, as buying and installing the wrong bath can have a hugely negative effect on your bathroom remodel. There are many crucial factors to consider before choosing your new bathtub, and by putting in the effort to research ahead of buying, you can ensure that your bathroom renovation is super instead of stupid.

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How to select the right Bathtub

Initially, the first thing you need to think about is functionality. Consider exactly what the tub will be used for – an area in which to relax and ease the aches, pains and stresses away, or a mere collecting bin for excess shower water? If the former option best describes your overall usage, perhaps a whirlpool tub is an appropriate choice. Featuring soothing massage jets and in-built steps and seats, they can transform a regular bath into a luxurious spa environment.

Secondly, the size of your bathroom has to be taken account of. It is likely that your bathtub will take up the biggest amount of space in the entire room, so it is imperative that you select a tub that fits the space well, and maximizes the potential of what you have to play with. This is especially vital where compact bathrooms are concerned, but is also an important aspect of a large bathroom update too. Looked at from the perspective of an interior designer, positioning a small bathtub in a large bathroom can compromise the flow of space, so it is absolutely essential to choose a tub that matches the scale of its surroundings.

And the next element to consider is the design and color of the bathtub. Of course, before making your choice, you’ll need to know what color the bathroom walls will be, and be aware of the kind of geometric layout the room will have. There are so many different shaped bathtubs on the market, from rectangular to oval, cornered and plenty of other styles, you should search far and wide before settling on a decision. You might even come to the conclusion that a weird and wonderful bathtub shape is preferable; love hearts and shoe shapes are particularly popular.

Image: Coco Kelley

You also need to think about which type of material you prefer for your bathtub, with many modern designs constructed out of the likes of marble, acrylic, cast iron and even wood. Given that they are subjected to water exposure, as well as mildews, soaps and harsh chemicals on a daily basis, you should choose your materials based on their practicality and ability to withstand such use. If, for instance, your bathtub will be used regularly by a full household, it may be a good idea to opt for acrylic or cast iron to make the most of their strong, durable properties.

Finally, whilst a standard bathtub is ideal for regular bathing, there are plenty of people who enjoy nothing more than a good long soak in the tub. For such consumers, a soaking bathtub is a perfect choice, with these types designed to allow for full body submersion, and to cradle the body far better than an ordinary bathtub could.

Choose a Bathtub to suit you

Ultimately, choose a bathtub to suit you and your specific needs. Practicality, looks and cost are the three main elements you must consider – be sure to browse a wide selection of modern bathtubs before settling on your final decision.