It could be that you’re about to move in with someone, resulting in a merger of all your belongings; perhaps you want to find a place for beautiful inherited furniture that doesn’t seem to match your
existing interior; or maybe it’s just not you to stick with one particular style and you’ve ended up with a selection of very distinct items. Whatever the reason, there are ways to successfully combine the traditional with the contemporary, or the classic with the alternative.

old and new mix


At the heart of this endeavour is the correct balance. It’s best to work to the 80/20 rule, meaning the majority (80%) of your interior follows one dominant style, leaving the remaining 20% free for  deviation. Without roughly keeping to this ratio, you’re more likely to end up with a room that looks incoherent, confused or poorly designed. In practice, this could be a very minimalist modern kitchen with the addition of a bold, antique brass light fitting, or a Scandi-style stripped back lounge with a luxurious antique sofa sat right in the middle. This just works.

mix modern and old

Uncluttered is key

When attempting a transitional interior, it’s important to keep it simple. Playing around with different eras and styles requires subtlety and precision and clutter stands in the way of success.  Smaller accessories will be a main feature, as decorative elements like lamps and clocks are an ideal way to make up that 20%, but leave them alone to make a statement. Grouping too many
accessories of opposing design styles together can leave the room feeling disorganised.

antique mixed with modern
Let someone else do the hard work

There are some great pieces on the market that combine two styles into one item. Designers have been experimenting with this concept for some time, resulting in striking re-imaginings of traditional furniture and accessories. A good example is a chair that retains the silhouette of a classic antique design, but made from a modern material such as transparent acrylic. These style fusions can be slotted in alongside traditional and contemporary furnishings to bring together a transitional room, or used alone for a unique take on the idea.

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