girl-with-book Summer is a distant dream, the rain has returned and I’ve even worn a pair of tights and boots which is the official sign that Autumn is well and truly round the corner isn’t it?

Littlelish has started in year 3 and I cannot believe she is 7 already! It only seems a minute ago that we were chatting away about blind people and their guides dogs on the drive to preschool.

School has become a very important part of both of our lives.

As a mum, I do both drop off and pick up, and on my blogging days, the exchanges in the playground can be the only real life conversations I get to have besides Buddy and Babylish. Although I always take comfort in the fact that it will only be a few hours before Littlelish is back to chatter at me till my ears bleed and I wish for silence again, haha.

Our school is a small school with a strong sense of community which I love. I know most of the mums, dads, grans and grandpas in the playground by name. I’ve even made some really good friends at the school gate and our friendship has evolved from making polite conversation in the playground to spa days, collaborative blogging and Friday night

For me Littlelish’s education is massively important. With such a large amount of time spent at school it is important that she is happy and engaged. She’s an extremely capable child but is pretty lazy if disinterested and bored so it’s absolutely vital she is in the right environment for her to flourish.

Rewinding back 4 years to when we were first searching for a school. I remember trawling through all the relevant information on the ofsted website, trying to make some sense of it all. I knew I wanted a local school that was rated outstanding by Ofsted. I also wanted a school that was creative and outdoorsy and not too large as Littlelish was very sensitive and easily overwhelmed as a small child. A strong family feel with good ethics and principals were also high on the list, plus it just had to ‘feel’ right.

I’m happy to report that we did in fact find what we were looking for in the end and both Littlelish and I are happy with her current school. But I do remember well that these decisions, the ones that will affect your little one for the rest of their life (aaargh the pressure!) can feel really daunting..

This September has seen the launch of a new website called School Reviewer. A one stop shop for everything educational, from searching to find your nearest school, checking out the catchment area on the heat map to reading all the ofsted reports. If you really want to find out what the parents think of the school you can read reviews written by parents as well as finding second hand items for school, like uniform or books which are for sale.

There is also a chat forum for parents to talk about their school or a more general forum for all education talk. Children preparing for exams can watch walk throughs of exam papers, tutoring them in the art of answering tricky questions and where many go wrong. If you need extra tutorial support in the form of a local tutor you can search for this too. School reviewer also has a blog with interesting and current articles provides good, thought provoking reading.

In the video below you can listen to Baroness Karren Brady and her thoughts on the site but of course the best way to find out what it has to offer you is to check it out for yourself at