It is a familiar scene this time of year, delivery man knocks on the door, a parcel for you! Or most likely one of your online purchases arriving…

Only this time last week, it was a present for meee! Honestly, you would have laughed if you could see how excited I was to open the box containing a new…. wait for it…… vacuum cleaner!


Oh yes, I’m afraid it has got to the stage that I am excited about getting a new hoover! In all fairness though, it isn’t just any hoover, it is a Dyson and I have been lusting after one for years, years I tell you. Finally I have one of my very own thanks to our rubbish vacuum cleaner giving up the ghost.

We have beige carpets in our house, even in the hallway, which combined with a rubbish hoover makes for a very sad Mummylish. No matter how hard I hoovered, the carpet didn’t look any better and boy was it hard work.

So now into my life, comes the beautifully designed queen of the hoover (she should be female I think), my Dyson DC39. Opening the box felt like Christmas day had come early, how could I possibly be so excited to open a vacuum cleaner? But believe me I was! It took all of 2 minutes to assemble it and I was off!


My Dyson is everything I’ve dreamed of, with minimum effort required from me, she is in control, moves beautifully and with purpose. Solid and wellbuilt without being heavy, she is a hoover on a mission, sucking up everything and anything in her way.


The specially designed head which is created to instantly adapt to all types of flooring is amazing. We can use it on the carpet, on the tiles in the kitchen and it stays firmly stuck to the floor. Not only did it pick up all surface debris but it also collected all kinds of dust and dirt (yuck) which is a noticeable change from our old vacuum cleaner.


I  love the extra tools you get with it which means I can easily vacuum my skirting boards and door frames, bannisters and stairs. It also has a great feature, a little trigger button that you can press to release some air which means you can hoover mats, rugs and curtains without them getting sucked up and bunched up. So I can basically hoover my entire house, every last unreachable bit of it!

Dyson darling, you have made me very happy this Christmas :) :) We got our Dyson cleaner here at Argos…