colour popCooking is the perfect activity to do with your children: it’s fun, it’s relaxing and it teaches them a skill they’ll benefit from for life. But what if you’re kitchen’s more gloomy than roomy? More glum than fun? Here are a few quick tips that’ll brighten up your kitchen in no time, leaving you with a room that’ll encourage you and your family to flex your culinary muscles:

The units have it

The simplest way to turn your kitchen into the most colourful room in your home is to choose bright units. Be inspired by the offerings from Wren Kitchens; their contemporary styles are awash with super-stylish shades. Team a bright kitchen with white walls and light flooring to give the room a spacious, airy feel.

Create a feature wall

You can liven up your kitchen no end by painting just one wall. Choose sunshine colours like yellow or orange – your kids will love the bold hue!

Image source: room envy

Choose those finishing touches wisely

Since your little angels are likely to be charging around your home most of the time, it’s not really practical to have a kitchen full of ornaments and pointless gizmos only there to create a “look”. Unless the look you’re after is a smashed mess on the floor, of course! So, instead of picking out vases and the like, mount your arty pieces on the wall. A large canvas featuring a brightly-coloured image will bring a fun edge to even the plainest kitchens.

Image source: Design sponge

Let the sunshine in

Make the most of the window in your kitchen – if you have one! – by opting for semi-sheer voile -style curtains rather than heavy blinds or drapes. If your kitchen is also part of your living area, ensuring daylight can get through your window dressings will help regulate yours and your children’s body clocks, allowing you to feel more awake at breakfast time and sleepy as bedtime gets nearer.

Now all you need are some child-friendly recipes!