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Today was the first time it really felt like Autumn. The air was chilled, Littlelish wore a coat and I noticed more and more crisp golden leaves… Oh yes, dark nights, fires and scarves are well and truly around the corner.

Then there are my sisters, one sunning it up in California, the other in Dubai and I am at home, craving for a holiday. I’m dreaming of a sunshiney all inclusive break after our somewhat rainy summer holiday in Cornwall (that was still fab, just a little wet). You know the kind of break where it is just about sitting besides the pool with a good book, soaking up some rays and choosing what to wear and eat for dinner. The simple kind. I would love to see Littlelish running around in the sunshine and splashing in the pool, while I am recharging my batteries and commiting her smiles to my memory :)

Now Littlelish is at school we have to plan our holidays differently, no chance to just up and leave for sunnier climes spontaneously as we used to (long, long ago in a much more luxurious child free time). We now need to work around half terms and school holidays. I’ve been looking into possibilities for getaways in October half term, just because! Who knew dreaming of holidays could be so fun and so very tempting….

So where are the options for a sunny break in October I hear you ask? These are the places, not too far away from home that still have sunshine and some great all inclusive deals :)

Canary Islands

Situated off the coast of Africa;  Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and the smaller Canary islands have average temperatures of  24°c, 7 hours of sunshine a day and apparently some 930 miles of beaches!

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Tunisia is hot hot hot in the summer but cools to a very pleasant 25°c in October. Once again miles of beaches (have you seen the photo of this beach in Tunisia??) and apparently some very beautiful resorts to enjoy.

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The Island of Cyprus is still hot, with an average of 27°c  in October. Cor that is warm! Apparently the sea stays very warm in October too.

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I’ve always fancied trying Morocco, the colours, the details, the excitement… Ok probably more as a romantic getaway with my camera (oh and my man) than for a purely lazy sun soaking break spent by the pool but with temperatures in the mid twenties you could chose to do nothing and glue yourself to a lilo on a pool ;)

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Oh and there is always Mexico, Florida, The Caribbean or Thailand if I am really getting carried away! This post is in collaboration with