2012-05-18_1337360428  I have been loving the Indian summer but as October fast appoaches, does the rain? Who knows? Today’s guest post is all about our wonderful British weather with some great tips on how you can plan a day out with unreliable weather.

Some people hate the British weather whilst others appreciate its diversity. Whatever side of the pitch you’re on, one thing is for sure; the weather affects what we do, and we almost always have to plan a day out around it.

So, here’s how to plan a day out with unreliable weather.

1. Prior to your day out, keep an eye on the weather forecasts

This goes without saying, but in order to plan a day out, you’re going to have to pay attention to weather forecasts. These often determine weekends away at the seaside or an early rise to drive down to London for some shopping. The Met Office have a good website for checking up on the weather, but you could always go old-school and watch the news every night. There are also a range of great smartphone and tablet apps to download if you’re technologically savvy.


2. Look out of the window on the day

Weather forecasts are useful, but they’re also unreliable. Whilst the Met Office do their best to offer accurate predictions it’s well-known that they’re often wrong. So, on the day of your trip, look out of your window; what are the clouds like? Is it windier than predicted? When you’re on your way, you should also note the weather. Doing this will ensure that you’re trip doesn’t get off to a grim start, such as the scenario where you park up in a field only for hail stones to blast the paint work off your pride and joy.

3. Pack for the worst

If you’re travelling in summer, pack a rain jacket. If you’re travelling in winter, pack a shovel and some food. If you’re travelling in autumn, pack a pair of walking boots. You should always wear appropriate clothing for where you are going but we recommend packing extras which will be vital in a worst case scenario. There’s nothing worse than having to push a car from a muddy track in sandals or having nothing to eat in the case of a blizzard. If you drive a fuel-guzzling car and know that you’re going out in places devoid of life, pack a jerry can with some spare fuel. Good trousers like these wrinkle free trousers from Cotton Traders and match them with a checked fleeced lined jacket– good jacket will go a long way to ensuring a pleasant trip.2012-07-17_1342568277

4. Always know where you’re going

The weather can take a turn for the worse at any time. Adverse weather leads to traffic collisions and roads being closed due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s a good idea to always pack a map, or a satellite navigation system, so that you know where you are going and more importantly where to go in case something happens. If you’re packing a GPS system ensure that you have your cable and charger; you’d be surprised how many people’s GPS systems die half way through a journey.


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A taste of the orient…


Taste of the Orient

Taste of the Orient by lishconcepts featuring zara pants

 Opulent   Bold   Luxurious   Exotic   Mysterious


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