Since I discovered Magpie Monday last week I’ve been so excited to join in! Anyone who knows me well will know I love a good snuffle in a charity shop, street/flea/antique market. Today was supposed to be a ‘magpie’ day as we headed off bright and early (well 10am is bright and early enough for me) for a local village street market. On entering the picturesque village we noticed it looked decidedly quiet and well, still picturesque. Where were all the stalls cluttered with other peoples junk for me and littlelish to rummage through? :( A sadly hung sign swung backwards and forward in the wind – Street market – Cancelled. I’m guessing they cancelled due to this monsoon we’ve been having recently although ironically we didn’t actually have any rain today. Oh well.

So I’m going to have to resort to an older find to share with you, but one I was very happy with. I often shop with the intention to sell the item in my vintage store  on Etsy. I only have one slight issue in that most of the things I buy are things I like so much that I cannot part with them…. slight flaw in the business plan. Never going to make my fortune there am I?

Anyway I came across this vintage children’s scrabble game which I thought someone would love. Turns out it was me, I love it… (here we go again). I love the old cardboard letters, the font, I love the board and all the quirky colourful illustrations, I love the feeling of nostalgia it  evokes in me (even though I wasn’t born when this particular game was made (1958)

Even Littlelish loves it. We manage a sort of 2.8 years old version of the game and it is a great aid to her learning to read :) So I’m keeping it!

Me and My Shadow

Oh wow. It has been really quiet on here of late… sorry about that. I have been entirely consumed with crafting! Last weekend I participated in my first ever craft fair, so of course I needed stock and lots of it which consequently meant quite a few 2am bedtimes :/ Still I managed to put together a funky little stall and hold my own with seasoned artisans. Initially I felt rather peculiar selling my wares to the public, persuading them to part with their hard earned cash for something I made! But I soon got the hang of it, motivated by peoples enthusiastic reactions to my pieces. They actually liked them and wanted to pay for them, yay! It was great to see what people were going mad for : my upcycled jersey scarves – not yet on etsy, my bark and shell hearts and my new little handmade creatures with accompanying illustrated cards. I met some fabulous talented fellow crafters, especially the lovely Angela from  Ah ha! vintage inspired selling the most exquisite vintage cushions and textiles as well as hand crafted jewellery incorporating the finest pearls and antique brooches. My favourite pieces were the clever weighted bookmarks with antique “charms”, such perfect presents (mum one is heading your way!). Rain stopped it being a sell out which was a shame but I was pleased all the same with my sales. I’ve posted some pictures of my stand on my facebook page so come and have a nosey around!

Littlelish was born in Holland, a seriously cool country with no shortage of seriously cool baby shops. Within the first year she had built up a seriously cool wardrobe.

Since moving home to my beautiful England, the choice of shops has gone rather downhill. Where we live (rural East midlands) there are hardly any kiddy shops let alone hip, affordable ones.

Online shopping is the savior of any countryside mummy and perhaps mummies all over the country (I know shopping with my little one is something I try to avoid).

So I thought I’d introduce you to this little gem of a shop burp! boutique with some seriously cool clothes for children (independent designers such as Boys&Girls®, Tootsa MacGinty, Nippaz with Attitude and Flamingos & Dominoes) and a refreshing philosophy on dressing your little ones.

We love quirky, fun, bright things that will bring a dash of sunshine into yours and your child’s lives. We hand pick all the best bits from independent designers to put together our strong collection. We’re not into the pinkification that the world is following, we’re not sheep. We come from the 70’s where dressing androgynously and in lots of different colours was the norm. We want to bring highly creative, fun alternatives to the mass produced high street fashion. Our ethos is to support up and coming artists and designers and shout about gorgeous, fun stuff.

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