Any good foodie will tell you, the number one destination in London for luxury food goods and gifts has to be Fortnum & Mason. In business for over 300 years, their hampers are iconic and rightly so.

Jam packed full of delicious, carefully selected food items, they make the perfect gift at Christmas. The fantastic baskets which they are delivered in, boldly printed with F&M, can also be used as storage at home for many years to come.

We were sent a lovely little hamper from Fortnum and Mason, full of delicious treats for a decadent afternoon: Chocolates, Champagne, three different tea blends and some delicious strawberry jam (pass the scones please!).

Putting my Fortnum & Mason hamper to good use, I decided to use it as storage in my new bathroom. It’s a small space so we’ve cut down on the amount of cupboards we have in order to help create a more spacious feel. Still we have items that need putting away so this little hamper was ideal.

Flannels, soap, sponges and bath oils now have a luxurious new home in the bathroom. They are neatly packed away and yet easily accessible at the same time. Perfect!

For more ideas and inspiration on how to use your Fortnum & Mason hamper check out my Pinterest board.

Thank you to Fortnum & Mason for our lovely little hamper. Look forward to celebrating Christmas with you again this year!