lands-dI’m part of a group called CIBII, sounds intriguing right? It’s not a mystical, fantastically secret group but rather a lifesaver for all new mums. Can I breastfeed in it is a facebook group with a huge amount of followers. Daily, mums all over the UK share their amazing fashion finds that make breastfeeding possible because let’s face it we really don’t want to wear nursing or maternity wear months after giving birth. It’s important for us to feel good about ourselves, gorgeous and glamorous, in normal, beautiful, fashionable clothes.

I can often be found perusing the group, clicking on links to check out the amazing dress finds by breastfeeding mums because I am a real dress girl and it’s dresses that are the hardest when it comes to breastfeeding. There is no one up, one down option here  so the neckline needs to be just right, enough room for easy access for baby and stretchy material that doesn’t get out of shape when you feed.

Perhaps one of the most tricky outfits to find when breastfeeding is one you can wear to a formal event like a wedding or christening and typically this year is the year for such celebrations among our friends. So far we have 3 christenings and 3 weddings in the agenda, luckily not all with the same group of friends so I may get to reuse my outfit! On the search for pretty dresses one day I spotted this beauty from Land’s End, a company well known to me for their great quality clothes. I’ve several pieces from them including dresses, cardigans, coats and even boots so I know the quality, fit and comfort are a great match for me.

lands end drr

The Patterned ponte crossover sleeveless dress is £55 and available in a few different colour options. The lady who originally shared the dress on CIBII looks great in it, sure she is skinnier than me but I’m thinking it looks like the type of dress that would suit many shapes and hide a multitude of sins. I really don’t want anything clingy that highlights my mum tum so this looks like a perfect option. Sadly it’s out of stock in clear coral floral so I keep checking back in to see when it will be back in stock and I’m in luck!

When I receive the dress the first thing I notice is the lovely heavy stretchy cotton material which is great for comfort and for cover. I adore the print and colour palette and the neckline does indeed look like it will be perfect for feeding. Whatsmore it is lined with lovely polka dot fabric so if anyone catches a glimpse of the inside of the neckline it’s pretty too. I’m a size 14 and a fairly big one these days after having Babylish yet the size small is a perfect fit. It’s comfy without too much extra fabric and flattering to my curves. I love that it nips in at the smallest part of my waist accentuating any trace of a waist that might still be there!

I’m actually excited rather than dreading attending our summer events as I know I’ve got one beautiful summer dress that I can wear styled a few ways that will also be perfect for feeding Babylish. I’ll need to find at least one or two more but I’m tempted to head to Land’s End for the Evening Sapphire Moroccan tile version too!

lands end pattern dress

Let me know if you’ve come across any brilliant breastfeeding dresses or if like me you are a lover of Land’s End clothes.

Disclaimer: The dress was gifted by Land’s End but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!




miami colours 2

miami colours 5

Postcard perfect, when I think of Miami I think sunshine, white sand, iconic art deco architecture, palm trees, glamour and awesome nightlife. It’s home to some of the best Florida beaches including the famous Miami Beach and its fun and colourful Art Deco buildings, pictured above. But before we all go booking our flight to Miami how about bringing some sunshine into our lives with some Miami inspired summer brights?

Sure the weather here in England may have taken a turn for the worse but we can still channel the sunshine vibe in the hope of enticing it back! I’m particularly into mixing gorgeous coloured pieces to create a real sunshine holiday vibe, Miami style!

Take inspiration from the gorgeous colour combinations you see in the art deco architecture of Miami. Think blues, corals, mints, yellows, pinks all mixed together for a cocktail of colour. I guarantee you they look gorgeous worn together and really do make you feel sunny and happy from the inside out.

The mint coloured dress by Cynthia Rowley from Tk Maxx £24.99 is a recent addition to my wardrobe and is currently being worn to death! It is super flattering and a lovely soft stretch fabric. I particularly love combining it with a bright yellow or coral colour cardi.


To accessorise, Oliver Bonas stock some amazing jewellery and have some great colour combinations at the moment like this bangle (above) or the gorgeous lucia necklace (below). I could spend every single one of my pennies in this shop, luckily I don’t have one near me or I’d be very poor indeed.


oliverbonasnecklaceWhat do you think? Are you brave enough? Welcome to Miami people!featured-post


I love discovering new brands, be it for the home, fashion or kids. I often like things that are a bit different and original so it figures that I also like smaller independant retailers. Their fresh designs and creative talent means you can often find something pretty awesome, homemade and unique. I’ve decided to ressurect my style spot where I feature these sort of designers offering them a platform for their products and you a chance to find some fab things that you might not otherwise know about.

This weeks style spot features the fab Ladybird likes who I discovered in my goodie bag from Blogtacular as it contained a gorgeous butterfly necklace designed by Zoe. Ladybird likes was founded in 2012 by Zoe Jade who started making jewellery out of the old books she collected on her travels.  Drawing inspiration from nature and vintage finds, the brand is based around the things Zoe likes, so there are certain themes that run through her work like woodland creatures, floral motifs, typography, nods to vintage and retro icons, lots of mint green and grey, geometric shapes and quirky details.

One of her most popular pieces are the collar clips. I think they are absolutely adorable along with everything else Zoe makes. I’d struggle to pick out a favourite piece as I’d like them all! I have been wearing my butterfly necklace religiously and can confim is as wellmade as it is beautiful. Thank you Ladybird likes.




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