Earlier this evening I stumbled across a competition to WIN £500 to spend in Next hosted by All you had to do to enter was style your own childrenswear or maternity outfit. Those of you who know me a little will know that I let out a little yelp of joy on reading this…. and those who know me extremely well will not be surprised to know I dived straight in and am now up at 2:26am sharing the results of my findings with you. It was not very difficult to choose an outfit because I absolutely adore the clothes from Next for children. I love the quality, the fact that they are always bang on trend but also that they are made with children in mind, they are comfy and durable. So I set to work scouring the website.

I chose to focus the mood of my outfit around a recent instagram I took of Littlelish. You can often find us outside whether in the woods or at the park. This particular day the sun had made an appearance and we went to the park. Littlelish had a lot of fun scooting around the empty swimming pool on her new scooter and I snapped this shot. I love the unusual mix of clashing colours and the tire tracks that you can see on the floor. With this as a starting point I could recreate an awesome outfit inspired by the colour clashes that are a current trend. The mood is fun, playful and vibrant.

I chose clothes that I would genuinely buy for Littlelish for every day wear. We like clothes that she can run about in as we get up to all kinds of fun and mischief.

Vest top £6 – I love the clashing colour stripes of pink and purple two of Littlelish’s favourite colours. The cute yellow trim just finishes it off. This is the kind of vest that would get worn with everything!

Tshirt  £6.50 – Littlelish is a huge animal lover so anything with a little creature on is a big hit in our house. I adore the coral colour of this tshirt and the quirky westies add a humourous touch which I like, especially with the addition of the blue bow.

Skinny jeans  £9 – The pop of these blue skinny jeans makes the whole outfit as far as I’m concerned. They are fantastic. These come in several different colours and I want them all (in my size too!)

Hoodie £6 – I added a hoodie because well we all know what this summer has been like brrrr…. This hoody looks like the perfect snuggly sweatshirt to keep warm in and it is pink! What more could you ask for?

Trainers  £12 – Littlelish lives in her trainers but mummy is rather fussy about which ones she likes ;) Luckily I found this great pair which we will be purchasing! Once again the unusual colour combination does it for me. I love the fact that the straps have 2 different colours and the variety of colours in the flowers means they go with lots of things which is always good.

Bag £5.50 – This was another little quirky addition that made me smile. I love silly monsters and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is a perfect bag for swimming or carrying around that extra hoodie when the sun is shining.

So there you have it my entry to the competition. A very cool, fun, wearable take on colour clashing. What is great is that all these pieces can also be easily combined with more basic items to add a touch of colour to an outfit and brighten up your day. If you like what I have created please show me some love (and let me know that staying up until 2am was worth it! ooops – night!)

Lish xxx

How you dress your child is always a matter of personal taste. I choose to dress Littlelish in the way I do probably as an extension of my own style. I’m a bit of a tomboy who likes quirky street style but with a penchant for pretty dresses and chunky jewellery. As a mother I steered away from pink when Littlelish was a baby. These days (nearly 3) there is not much getting around the fact that it is her favourite colour along with purple, white and gold (?!) but we’ve explained that boys can like girls colours and girls can like boys colours and I think she gets it! She wears every colour of the rainbow.

It’s not that I’m against pink per se it is more the whole message that comes wrapped up in the pink paper! If you are a girl, you like pink, you wear pink clothes, you play with pink toys which nine times out of ten are princesses / fairy / mummy related. And again I have no problem with Littlelish playing fairies, princesses or mummies (which she loves to do) but then she also plays dentist, doctor, zoo keeper, pirate – whatever her heart desires. This is where my problem lies,  the dreams of little girls. What are we encouraging our daughters to aspire to? Princesses? Fairies? Ok so they get to float around, look pretty, be swept off their feet and maybe do a spell or two (could be fun)…Why do boys get to have all the adventures as explorers?

I would never tell anyone how to dress their child but I do think children should, on an average day, wear comfy clothes that they can play in, run in, jump in. Littlelish can often be seen running around in a pair of jeans and a cool tshirt. There has always been plenty of media coverage on the topic of age appropriate childrenswear especially since back in 2010 Primark featured their ‘Future Footballers wife’ slogan t shirt in store. Sure, it said in jest, dear god I hope it is said in jest but really what kind of inspiration is this for our girls? To be a wife? I’m also not saying we should push all our daughters to be brain surgeons, happiness comes first, but let’s just let them find their own way.

Personally I love a good slogan t shirt but prefer something a bit more age appropriate like these cute t shirts from Lands’ End. Their childrenswear starts from age 3-4 which just fits Littelish and it is great. I’ve found it is always excellent quality as well as being trendy, robust clothing that she can leap/scoot/dance/run around in and it stays good wash after wash. I was crazy about their jodhpurs from last season and we got compliments every time she wore them. I’m definitely going to be investing in these cute slogan tees, which one to choose? Berry Happy, Orange you glad we’re friends or Grape friends hang out! Quirky, fun, full of life and happiness just like kids.

Well we had a gorgeous taste of summer this weekend during our trip to Holland (more on that later) and it was mostly spent lounging about on the grass staring at a perfect blue sky, aaaaahhhhh. Channeling those vibes I thought I’d share this beautiful summery treasury created by Beading Times on Etsy, featuring one of my shell hearts. I am particularly lusting after the Cotton Shift Dress, Faceted Green Yellow and the Soviet Sunglasses – how cool are they? What is your favourite piece?

‘Let Summer Vacation Begin!!!’ by BeadingTimes

Leather sandals. Ankle wrapp…


Cotton Shift Dress, Faceted …


Vintage Summer Wear – Soviet…


Fabric Messenger Bag,summer …


1 strand 7pcs gemstone jewe…


Oversize Vintage Straw Hat


bird watercolor-shabby chic …


DIY Wedding Tree Guest Book …


Black Barefoot Sandals, Croc…


Dark Green and Yellow Styli…


Infinity — Braided Brown Le…


Hand crochet Lariat Scarf Gr…


Spring Color Crocodile Stit…


Shell heart hanging in shade…


Prism No.1 – A3 Giclee Print


BIG SALE , Cinnamon color ve…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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