I’ve been a fan of Swatch watches since I was first given a pop out swatch watch as a child of the 80’s. The colourful design was super fresh and I wore it with beaming pride.

Fast forward 25 years and I’m all grown up. These days my watch needs to keep up with my ever changing outfits and busy, busy lifestyle. I’m not going to lie I’m not much of a watch wearer (my friends will chuckle at this and say I ought to be!) as I find them kind of cumbersome and heavy to wear. In fact as I’ve become a mum I’ve noticed I wear less and less jewellery. Less for little hands to pull on, less to be hanging on me. I’ve got two little monkey children who hang off me all day already!

SKIN watch watches

So when Swatch got in touch to introduce their new SKIN range my ears pricked up in interest. Weightless design, minimalist styling… sounds like my kind of watch! They sent me an invite to test out the range in a dance school in my local city Nottingham. The plan was to take a street dance class and see just how lightweight and comfortable the watches were.

We headed to the store to view the range and select a watch to put through it’s paces. I went for the popular blush watch which caught my eye instantly. It’s a gorgeous colour that is bang on trend and looks great with a tan. I loved the addition of the sparkly diamonds around the face which glint as they catch the light. Choosing wasn’t easy though, there were some fab designs all with the same cool minimal feel. My second choice was the white watch which really stood out with the addition of graphic black lines. I asked the lady in the store how the lighter colours did with muck, did they get dirty very quickly? She assured me that as the straps are made of silicone they don’t attract or have dirt sticking to them, perfect!

Putting it to the test

So off I went with a handful of other Nottingham bloggers and vloggers to try and learn a street dance routine. Now I’m pretty good at getting myself down to the gym twice or three times a week but I always stay in the comforting bosom of resistance training. I avoid aerobics like the plague. Still I used to have some moves back in the day, could I find my inner hip hop queen?


Over at the studios and our teacher hadn’t made it easy. We had a proper dance routine to learn! Not quite sure I’m the next Beyonce but I had a blast! My brain doesn’t work as fast as it used to (I blame the baby brain!) so it took me a little longer to engage it and link the moves together but I managed. Can you spot me in the video? I’m tucked away in the corner…

My SKIN watch really lived up to it’s name. While dancing I totally forgot I was wearing a watch, there was no awkward heavy feeling on my wrist or sweaty feeling underneath my watch and the dance studio was the temperature of the sun! I’d safely say it passed the activity test with flying colours.

Thanks to Swatch for introducing me to the SKIN Swatch watches range and for gifting me a fabulous watch that will work with my busy life. I did a good deed and (begrudgingly haha) gifted it to my mum who absolutely fell in love with it. It looks like I will be back for the white one after all!! As always all thoughts and opinions are genuine and my own.


My partner dresses in a simple, classic style. Imagine a nice pair of jeans, crisp white tshirt and a cable knit jumper, oh and a bit of rugged stubble. It’s just the way I like him. He’s never worn much jewellery, he’s a practical man and his watch is his only accessory.

When the team at JORD Wood Watches got in touch, all the way from the USA to see if he would like to review a unique wooden men’s watch, he agreed. JORD watches are hand-crafted timepieces that tell a story. Here is his…

What I look for in a mens watch

I am not usually a big fan of jewellery but when it comes to men’s watches I like them to be modern, unique and comfortable. I have needed a new watch for a while but struggled to find anything I really liked. Until, I was asked to review a watch from JORD. A new discovery for me, JORD make amazingly beautiful hand crafted wood watches using only the very highest quality materials.

Dover Series from JORD

I chose the Dover Series in Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood and as you’ll see from the pictures it is a truly stunning timepiece. Even the box it comes in shouts a quality product. The two types of wood are balanced evenly on the strap and main body. The sapphire glass face is perfectly clear with scratch resistance only rivalled by that of diamond. It provides great visibility of my favourite part, the automatic self-winding movement. I love that I dont need to visit the local jewelers just to get a battery replaced.



Warm and tactile wood

As a family, we love nature. Taking a stroll in the beautiful English countryside is one of our favourite things to do. So having a wooden watch makes perfect sense to me. Previously I’ve always had metal watches but wood is wonderfully tactile and lightweight. Plus the warmth from each of the wooden links feels extremely comfortable on my skin. A metal watch can feel very cold against your wrist particularly in the winter months, but my new watch is so comfortable, it feels like I am not even wearing a watch. It is just a part of me now.

Jord say that your watch should tell more than time and I believe that my new Dover Series watch definitely does that. I’d like to think it says that I love nature, appreciate excellent craftsmanship and quality and that I have a unique style and taste.


Would you like to be part of the JORD adventure? You can WIN $75 evoucher towards a beautiful JORD watch of your own. PLUS everyone who enters gets $20 evoucher to spend at JORD. What are you waiting for?


This post is sponsored by JORD wood watches

Luxury Wood Watch



main-dressIt’s no secret that I love clothes and fashion. My boss jokes with me that she has never seen me in the same outfit twice. It’s of course not entirely true but I do love to mix and match my clothes, styling new looks. The problem is I’m a bit of a hoarder… I own a lot of clothes and I don’t like to part with them incase they are the perfect item to combine in an outfit one day.

There are pros and cons to this. The great thing about being a hoarder of clothes is you always have lots to choose from, you can spend hours deliberating over what to wear with what. The bad thing is you always have lots to choose and spend ages deliberating over what to wear with what.!! Especially if like me, you really don’t have the time for it! The other downside is you have no space to store your bulging collection of oufits.

This summer I’m really, really wanting to simplify my life. One aspect of this is a capsule wardrobe. I’m inspired by friends who have one wardrobe (I have 3!) and probably a much easier time choosing what they want to wear. They keep it current, no resurrection of dresses from 2 years ago – they are long gone!

I’ve been looking into the option of a summer capsule wardrobe. The question is can I get by with just 5 staple dresses? Browsing summer dresses with Lyst I think the answer is yes, obviously  I’ll need a dress for each possible occasion so here goes…

One for dress down days. A comfy, every day dress that is suitable for lots of activities like lunch out, shopping and taking the little ones to the park. This denim supply Ralph Lauren dress £80 ticks all the boxes and looks like a lovely comfy dress to chill out in. Perfect teamed with tan leather sandals.


One for business. I’m currently exploring lots of exciting blogging opportunities so need a smart outfit that makes an impression. I’m thinking stylish, creative, professional? I love all the dresses by the amazing Olivia Rubin for a making a creative, fun statement.


One for romantic nights out with my man. Well a girl can dream can’t she? With two little ones we don’t get out for date night very often but I need an option just in case. I absolutely love this blush coloured off-the-shoulder crochet lace dress by Free People £250, so pretty and romantic and appeals to my wild child soul.



One for holiday. Ok who am I kidding I definitely need more than 1 dress for holidays… and here in lies the dilemma. A capsule wardrobe is great in theory but when I’m packing for holiday I want lots of lovely dresses to choose from! This gorgeous multicolour Tulum smock dress by Free People £148 is perfect for beach lounging, feeling happy and chilled in the sun.


One for special occasions. It’s wedding season so I’ll need a lovely dress to wear for best. I love the elegance of this beautiful floral prom style dress by ASOS £95 it would make a perfect summer wedding outfit teamed with some cute bright heels and a bright little clutch bag.


What do you think of my choices? A really good variety of dresses right? The thing I love about dresses is they are a ready made outfit, you can just pop it on, choose some cute sandals or heels to go with, some jewellery to accessorise and you are done!

So tell me do you have a capsule wardrobe or are you like me, a bit of a collector of dresses?








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