smile mintandyellow bedroompastelbefore-yuckafter1 It’s been a week since Littlelish’s happy pastel room is complete . She loves it and I have to say I love it too. Yesterday evening we lay in bed together reading a story, the blind was half down and evening sun was streaming in through the window. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being home – and what a beautiful home we are making for our family. I felt blessed that I can give my children such a lovely environment to grow up in.

Littlelish wanted to create her happy place, a place she could play in, where she would feel joy and I think we’ve acheived that. If you remember, we were working together to come up with ideas for decorating her room. With a child like Littlelish there was no option not to have her involved in the design process, she knows what she likes and wants. After brainstorming together she decided she didn’t want a theme so we talked about how she wanted to feel in her new room and she came to the conclusion she simply wanted a room she would feel happy in.

We talked about what makes her happy and like a typical 6 year old it was sunshine, icecream, sweets and her family and friends. She was very specific about what colour she wanted on her walls, that had been chosen since the first day we moved into the house. With mint green being her favourite colour she chose a lovely soft shade called Mint Macaroon by Dulux. I thought it might be a nice idea to team it with other pretty pastel colours, yellow, pink and coral for a real ice cream, holiday vibe. I ran this idea past her and she liked it so I starting making a moodboard with some ideas for colours and the happy theme.


In her dreams, Littlelish wanted a treehouse bed and we really wanted to accomodate this request but after much deliberation we decided against the idea. It is great to involve children in the design process but I do feel there are some things that we as adults need to use our head about. We felt such a large treehouse bed would take up too much room and perhaps be something she would grow out of quite quickly. With the house being a period property I really fancied the idea of an antique bed. She, if I’m honest was less keen at the thought but I decided to overrule her. I wanted a bed that fitted with the house, that was sturdy and that would stand the test of time. I chose a beautiful antique pine bed and she absolutely loves it now, so sometimes you just have to do some gentle persuasion. We teamed it with an antique pine wardrobe which is a lovely shape and has a bit of a Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe feel to it. I think she really enjoys putting her clothes away in such a grown up, elegant wardrobe.

So after taking the lead on the main furniture for her room it was time to let her take back a bit of control. She really wanted a dressing table, desperately. I wasn’t sure if she would use it but regardless I went in search of one. Which was easier said than done, Oh my goodness, nice dressing tables are SO expensive! Ridiculous. In the end we found a discontinued GLTC one called Florence that was absolutely perfect for her and for us (pricewise). She was over the moon and we teamed it with a round mirror that I bought a while ago from our favourite junk shop. She laid claim to it for her new room almost immediately but we decided it needed a lick of yellow paint to make it really fit in. Tada she had a very cute dressing table for all her styling needs!


We also used the yellow paint to tie in an old bedside table that we thought she could use. I was so happy with how it came out, I think it looks awesome.

One thing I wanted for her new room was some tidy toy storage. We decided to get a closed cupboard for her toys and found the Isala cupboard from IKEA which matched perfectly and had very similar shaped legs to her new bed. We also went for large mint green storage boxes under the bed to hide all her much beloved posessions.

Now it was simply a case of dressing the room. We went in search of all things ice cream / sweet / holiday related. We had little success in the shops around here so turned to Etsy for inspiration. I let Littlelish heart her favourite finds so I could get an idea of what she liked. She chose watermelon and ice cream cushions, ice cream bedding and lots of very lovely cute stuff. We discovered ‘kawaii’ which is Japanese for cute and there is a whole trend for cute things with little faces on from clouds and stars to smiley doughnuts and ice lollies. Being handmade, many of the items were really very, very pricey and I was starting to have little palpitations at the thought of how much it would cost. So I went off in search for similar items, it took me quite some time but then I stumbled across a shop called This Modern Life which was perfect for what we needed. Super cute ‘kawaii’ stuff in many a pretty pastel shade but without being over the top expensive. We also found her gorgeous cloud bedding here too.


We accessorised with some more cute bits from This Modern Life and Design55 and printed some lovely (and super affordable) poster designs that we bought from Etsy. We framed them in cute pastel IKEA frames and the room was beginning to take shape. We still have a few finishing touches, I’d really like to customised her blind and perhaps add a cute photo wall with pictures of her friends and family but the room is already vibrant with colour and bursting with sweet details. It’s an amazingly happy place for sure, with a gorgeous childlike quality which makes you beam from ear to ear!

Thank you so much to Dulux for collaborating with us and providing the beautiful Mint Macaroon paint for review. We chose to use the Endurance range paint which is perfect for kids rooms and paints like an absolute dream. We will definitely be considering using the Endurance range in other rooms of the house.

Paint – Mint Macaroon Dulux . Cloud bedding – This Modern Life . Cushions – This Modern Life . Smile poster – This Modern Life . Ice cream poster – Etsy . You are loved poster – Etsy . Orange blanket – TkMaxx . Rug – TkMaxx . Any which way shelf – GLTC . Isala cupboard – IKEA . Cinema light box – Design55




inspirationbluesmallerserene image

Image source: Grey likes baby

Well the Lish household renovations are well under way and finally after completing a lot of work we don’t actually get to see, like rewiring and rendering the outside of our house, we can actually check one room from our very long to do list! The road was long… the room needed replastering, the floorboards sanding and everything needed a fresh coat of paint… but finally we have a nursery!

We decided that Babylish would have the privilege of having the first finished room in the house as a kind of welcome to the family present. Although infact she currently sleeps in our room, we loved making a little sanctuary for her and all her things for when she eventually transitions to her own room. Now as the only completed room in the house it is quite often my little sanctuary and I go in there just to breathe and remind myself how beautiful the house will be when it is finally finished.

Creating a babies nursery is a wonderful project as you can explore many different directions, themes adding loads of fun, sweet elements. Childrens rooms along with playrooms are perhaps some of my favourite rooms to decorate because you can let your imagination run wild and yeah yeah, I’m just a big kid!

After scouring Pinterest for inspiration I decided I wanted to create a serene nursery for our new arrival. There are so many fun, colourful ideas out there but we are lucky enough to have a playroom downstairs in our house for colour explosions and I wanted her to have a calm, peaceful place to sleep and relax in because we all love babies who sleep well at night don’t we?

Before starting an interiors project I always create a brief for myself. So to start out creating a moodboard I take 5 key words for the look and feel of the room and choose 5 images to portray them. My words for Babylish’s room were serene, light, soft, magical and dreamy and here is my final moodboard for inspiration…


I love the soft greys and pinks and the element of magical woodland that crept in there… and then it was time for the hard graft! We (and by we, I mean he!) sanded and waxed the floors so they have a kind of stripped back old pine effect and settled upon Cornforth white by Farrow and Ball for the walls. This is an extremely popular grey by F&B as it gives a lovely warm, dusky feel to the grey, like you are being hugged by a lovely soft cloud (albeit a slightly rainy one). With the backdrop finalised we added our nursery furniture which was a hand me down from Littlelish and has a lovely antique feel to it. It was then time to start accessorising and adding the cute finishing touches to bring the room together. Keep reading this week for the final reveal!

style-pinkstags-head-1stags-head-3stags-head-2This week I’m rather proud of the fact that I’ve actually acheived a playroom declutter, it was so very long overdue and with a 9 week old baby, quite frankly any chores I actually manage to complete from start to finish, make me very happy! After several months of being totally outfaced at the thought of even attemtping to sort through the hoards of toys, paper, games, glitter, plasticine and creations, I literally couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I only dare to declutter when Littlelish is out of the house. Anyone else have a little girl who is obsessed with keeping everything? I mean everything, from the pencils and paper hat she got at pizza express, the ball she got in a cracker last Christmas to the glitter glue splodge she made on a piece of paper 4 months ago (I’m not even exaggerating!) Oh my goodness she is a nightmare. I’ve promised to show her the videos of those poor hoarders homes that get completely out of control as a warning to her – this is what you life could become if you don’t let me throw away this piece of paper with glitter glued on it!

Babylish in sling, I set to work to slaying the beast! With the playroom finally clear, I thought I’d celebrate by putting up our new light from Iconic lights which I had planned to go over the fireplace. As an ambassador for the brand I was invited to take a look through their latest additions to their online shop. I’ve mentioned before the incredibly quality versus price of Iconic Lights. I love the fact that you can pick up a really cool, statement light for next to nothing.

Much of their latest stock is really fun and playful. There is a real trend for quirky lighting and they definitely have that box ticked. Some of my favourites include the woodcut animal heads ranging from £20 to £40 (stag, rhino and bulldog), the white star lamp which comes in arrow. heart and & shapes too at £15 and the Retro telephone lamp £45.

rhinostar light

phone lamp

We were sent the Vintage Stag’s Head light to review which I thought would make an excellent addition to the playroom. Since moving into our house late last summer (remember the one that needed rennovating?) we’ve not yet tackled the work in the playroom but the plan is to create a colourful, retro room. I love the idea of adding touches of fun and wanted a focal point above the fireplace. I’d obviously never want anything that resembled a real animals head but I do like the wood cuts you can get, I’d never seen one that doubled up as a light too.

The whole thing was easy to put together and pretty fun, like a jigsaw puzzle really. Attaching it to the wall was easy too and within no time we’d added a fun feature to our fireplace. For £40 I’d say that’s a bargain! If I had one point for improvement it would be that I thought it would have been a bit handier if it were battery operated as the lead hanging down slighly detracts from the look and means you have to place it within reach of a plug socket. But all in all another awesome light from Iconic lights, great job guys!

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