My partner dresses in a simple, classic style. Imagine a nice pair of jeans, crisp white tshirt and a cable knit jumper, oh and a bit of rugged stubble. It’s just the way I like him. He’s never worn much jewellery, he’s a practical man and his watch is his only accessory.

When the team at JORD Wood Watches got in touch, all the way from the USA to see if he would like to review a unique wooden men’s watch, he agreed. JORD watches are hand-crafted timepieces that tell a story. Here is his…

What I look for in a mens watch

I am not usually a big fan of jewellery but when it comes to men’s watches I like them to be modern, unique and comfortable. I have needed a new watch for a while but struggled to find anything I really liked. Until, I was asked to review a watch from JORD. A new discovery for me, JORD make amazingly beautiful hand crafted wood watches using only the very highest quality materials.

Dover Series from JORD

I chose the Dover Series in Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood and as you’ll see from the pictures it is a truly stunning timepiece. Even the box it comes in shouts a quality product. The two types of wood are balanced evenly on the strap and main body. The sapphire glass face is perfectly clear with scratch resistance only rivalled by that of diamond. It provides great visibility of my favourite part, the automatic self-winding movement. I love that I dont need to visit the local jewelers just to get a battery replaced.



Warm and tactile wood

As a family, we love nature. Taking a stroll in the beautiful English countryside is one of our favourite things to do. So having a wooden watch makes perfect sense to me. Previously I’ve always had metal watches but wood is wonderfully tactile and lightweight. Plus the warmth from each of the wooden links feels extremely comfortable on my skin. A metal watch can feel very cold against your wrist particularly in the winter months, but my new watch is so comfortable, it feels like I am not even wearing a watch. It is just a part of me now.

Jord say that your watch should tell more than time and I believe that my new Dover Series watch definitely does that. I’d like to think it says that I love nature, appreciate excellent craftsmanship and quality and that I have a unique style and taste.


Would you like to be part of the JORD adventure? You can WIN $75 evoucher towards a beautiful JORD watch of your own. PLUS everyone who enters gets $20 evoucher to spend at JORD. What are you waiting for?


This post is sponsored by JORD wood watches

Luxury Wood Watch



winter-interior-nordicWith only 61 sleeps left till Christmas we are racing against the clock (like we are on some crazy game show) to see how many rooms we can complete before the festive season is upon us. We are currently busy with the office, which seems to be taking forever, due to the fact that we are both working flat out, looking after little people and not sleeping very much.

Eager to get painting and furnishing I’ve been spending a lot of time researching interior trends and inspiration for this winter. I do so love creating a warm and inviting home when the weather is cold outside. There is something magical about cosying up in front of the fire with your family or entertaining friends in a warm, festive atmosphere when it’s cold, still and dark outside.

Interior trend 1: Luxurious Hygge

It’s all about creating a luxurious cosiness this winter. Think opulence combined with hygge. We need soft indulgent throws, warm rugs and details of gold and marble thrown in for pure decadence.


Image: SheerLuxe


Image: Nordic House

Interior trend 2: Winter forest

Imagine snowy forests and icy fjords. We are seeing neutral / grays palette highlighted with elements of wood, fur and metal.


Image: The Telegraph


Image: Brabbu

Interior trend 3: I like em big, I like em chunky

Chunky knits are where it’s at this winter. Cosy just got supersized! I’m still thinking I’m going to be able to arm knit myself one of the giant throws for my bed. Have you seen the videos on facebook? But I know it’s just not going to happen is it…


Image: Lauren Aston – Not on the high street

Interior trend 4: Craftmanship

Handmade, artisan, made with love. This winter we are loving items that are just a bit special and different. Quality and originality are key, as is a look and feel of the handmade element.


Image: Etsy

Interior trend 5: Organic

Linking all the trends this season is the key word ‘organic’. We find organic shapes and patterns in decorative details, furniture and materials. As we wrap ourselves up inside, keeping warm, away from the elements the natural world continues to inspire and delight us.







smile mintandyellow bedroompastelbefore-yuckafter1 It’s been a week since Littlelish’s happy pastel room is complete . She loves it and I have to say I love it too. Yesterday evening we lay in bed together reading a story, the blind was half down and evening sun was streaming in through the window. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being home – and what a beautiful home we are making for our family. I felt blessed that I can give my children such a lovely environment to grow up in.

Littlelish wanted to create her happy place, a place she could play in, where she would feel joy and I think we’ve acheived that. If you remember, we were working together to come up with ideas for decorating her room. With a child like Littlelish there was no option not to have her involved in the design process, she knows what she likes and wants. After brainstorming together she decided she didn’t want a theme so we talked about how she wanted to feel in her new room and she came to the conclusion she simply wanted a room she would feel happy in.

We talked about what makes her happy and like a typical 6 year old it was sunshine, icecream, sweets and her family and friends. She was very specific about what colour she wanted on her walls, that had been chosen since the first day we moved into the house. With mint green being her favourite colour she chose a lovely soft shade called Mint Macaroon by Dulux. I thought it might be a nice idea to team it with other pretty pastel colours, yellow, pink and coral for a real ice cream, holiday vibe. I ran this idea past her and she liked it so I starting making a moodboard with some ideas for colours and the happy theme.


In her dreams, Littlelish wanted a treehouse bed and we really wanted to accomodate this request but after much deliberation we decided against the idea. It is great to involve children in the design process but I do feel there are some things that we as adults need to use our head about. We felt such a large treehouse bed would take up too much room and perhaps be something she would grow out of quite quickly. With the house being a period property I really fancied the idea of an antique bed. She, if I’m honest was less keen at the thought but I decided to overrule her. I wanted a bed that fitted with the house, that was sturdy and that would stand the test of time. I chose a beautiful antique pine bed and she absolutely loves it now, so sometimes you just have to do some gentle persuasion. We teamed it with an antique pine wardrobe which is a lovely shape and has a bit of a Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe feel to it. I think she really enjoys putting her clothes away in such a grown up, elegant wardrobe.

So after taking the lead on the main furniture for her room it was time to let her take back a bit of control. She really wanted a dressing table, desperately. I wasn’t sure if she would use it but regardless I went in search of one. Which was easier said than done, Oh my goodness, nice dressing tables are SO expensive! Ridiculous. In the end we found a discontinued GLTC one called Florence that was absolutely perfect for her and for us (pricewise). She was over the moon and we teamed it with a round mirror that I bought a while ago from our favourite junk shop. She laid claim to it for her new room almost immediately but we decided it needed a lick of yellow paint to make it really fit in. Tada she had a very cute dressing table for all her styling needs!


We also used the yellow paint to tie in an old bedside table that we thought she could use. I was so happy with how it came out, I think it looks awesome.

One thing I wanted for her new room was some tidy toy storage. We decided to get a closed cupboard for her toys and found the Isala cupboard from IKEA which matched perfectly and had very similar shaped legs to her new bed. We also went for large mint green storage boxes under the bed to hide all her much beloved posessions.

Now it was simply a case of dressing the room. We went in search of all things ice cream / sweet / holiday related. We had little success in the shops around here so turned to Etsy for inspiration. I let Littlelish heart her favourite finds so I could get an idea of what she liked. She chose watermelon and ice cream cushions, ice cream bedding and lots of very lovely cute stuff. We discovered ‘kawaii’ which is Japanese for cute and there is a whole trend for cute things with little faces on from clouds and stars to smiley doughnuts and ice lollies. Being handmade, many of the items were really very, very pricey and I was starting to have little palpitations at the thought of how much it would cost. So I went off in search for similar items, it took me quite some time but then I stumbled across a shop called This Modern Life which was perfect for what we needed. Super cute ‘kawaii’ stuff in many a pretty pastel shade but without being over the top expensive. We also found her gorgeous cloud bedding here too.


We accessorised with some more cute bits from This Modern Life and Design55 and printed some lovely (and super affordable) poster designs that we bought from Etsy. We framed them in cute pastel IKEA frames and the room was beginning to take shape. We still have a few finishing touches, I’d really like to customised her blind and perhaps add a cute photo wall with pictures of her friends and family but the room is already vibrant with colour and bursting with sweet details. It’s an amazingly happy place for sure, with a gorgeous childlike quality which makes you beam from ear to ear!

Thank you so much to Dulux for collaborating with us and providing the beautiful Mint Macaroon paint for review. We chose to use the Endurance range paint which is perfect for kids rooms and paints like an absolute dream. We will definitely be considering using the Endurance range in other rooms of the house.

Paint – Mint Macaroon Dulux . Cloud bedding – This Modern Life . Cushions – This Modern Life . Smile poster – This Modern Life . Ice cream poster – Etsy . You are loved poster – Etsy . Orange blanket – TkMaxx . Rug – TkMaxx . Any which way shelf – GLTC . Isala cupboard – IKEA . Cinema light box – Design55




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