My friend told me last week she spent an astonishing 800 euros in one go on creams for her face. I nearly died on the spot.

I swear my husband does not know how lucky he (or should I say his wallet) has it, although I do like reminding him! Nivea face wipes, that is my beauty regime :/

Call it lazy, call it slovenly… I can and do leave the house regularly without makeup. Recently this is starting to change though.

I’ve found a new makeup – Bare Minerals. I was introduced to it on a “look 10 years younger night” that I attended with my mother. I felt rather awkward as I was definitely the only one below the age of 50 there and I could feel the seething eyes scanning my wrinkle free skin, oops. It was a great night for freebies as they invited several members of the audience to have beauty treatments to make them look 10 years younger. My mum had her teeth whitened and spent the rest of the evening looking like gromit, sitting in front of a laser with a mouth piece in (snigger).

I did not DARE put my hand up for anything and just listened  ;)

Anyway it was on this evening that they demonstrated Bare Minerals and I was sold! For 40 pounds I received a starters kit of 3 brushes and 4 pots of mineral powder, 1 concealer (amazing at covering the dark circles under my eyes), 2 base foundations, 1 powder for warmth and 1 mineral vale (not sure what this does apart from make my skin look awesome!)

Bare Minerals is a beauty product unlike any I have ever known but what I do know is that every single time I wear it I don’t even recognise myself in the mirror! My skin radiates with dewy perfection and I get compliments that make my head swell :) I haven’t been asked to endorse Bare Minerals but I do so totally wholeheartedly. It makes me feel great and I want to introduce it to you too. I also just read it is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin over time, what more could we ask for?

My sister said last week that I looked so young that I actually looked like I had stolen a child’s face. Which is rather odd but made me laugh.