This is the first in a series of blog posts taking a sneak peek into my life and my personal taste whether it be fashion, interiors, literature etc. I already feature items that I love in style spot but I think the beauty of a blog is your own personality and taste – the personal touch. So I’m going to try and show you a few of MY own personal favourite things each week!

This week I am loving:


My new top from TKmaxx. I’m embracing the summer vibes (yes, yes… it’s already gone cloudy again :/) and this captures exactly how I’m feeling, bright, sparkly and fun! I really enjoy wearing this top with a pair of simple skinny jeans and my brown leather plaited flip flops (another favourite this week). I just live in flip flops when the sun shines!


My other love this week is this lush nail varnish colour from Boots which I’ve loved for a little while now (since I ‘borrowed’ it from my sister a few months ago) but it is so lovely to wear on a summery day, it is such a pretty colour and looks fab with a bit of a tan :)


And last but by no means least I also have my mobile phone, complete with the worlds funkiest Marc Jacobs earphones! It goes without saying that this is one of my favourite things almost every week so better get it out of the way first haha (in my opinion you just can’t beat android phones). I do struggle without – it keeps me in touch with all my gorgeous family and friends through whatsapp, helps keep my blog running smoothly while I’m on the go and allows me to share all my lovely pics on instagram. Yup darling HTC, I’d be lost without you :)

When the skyfalls

Good morning. It’s time for Moodboard Monday again! This week Jen and I chose to do the theme of James Bond. Have you seen the new one yet ? I haven’t… but went on the hunt for some image stills from the movie. It was mostly action shots, 007 style but  I wanted to create something original and fashion orientated. Hmmmm…

Then I stumbled across this gorgeous picture of Adele and a wonderful rooftop still from the movie and I was inspired! I adore the soft, muted colour palette, with a touch of warm coppery tones. It gave me the feeling of mystery, intrigue, softness, sophistication, luxury and understated glamour. Perhaps essential qualities for a bond girl?

I set to work collating items that captured the mood which is so much fun to do, especially when there is no budget. I figured I could splash out a bit this week and I think I’ve found some real beauties to strengthen this board. The top photos are in fact the moodboard itself, setting the scene for the tone, colour palette and look I wanted to create and underneath I have translated the look into tangible pieces to wear. I think you will agree it creates a sophisticated, soft, mysterious, glamorous look.

Are you inspired to make your own James Bond moodboard too? Or a moodboard on any other theme? Great! Hunt around for some inspiring imagery to set a mood. You can stop there or you can add a fashion or interiors slant on it. For more tips check out my tutorial on how to make the perfect moodboard.

It doesn’t matter what kind of blogger you are… fashion blogger, design blogger or mummy blogger – feel free to link up with us! Moodboard Monday is a collaboration between me and the very lovely Jen over at Love Chic Living. The rules are below, and don’t forget to grab the Moodboard Monday badge from the sidebar!

Moodboard Monday is a fortnightly feature where we create a moodboard inspired by a certain theme. The linky is also run by Jen over at Love Chic Living. But that’s not all…. Moodboard Monday is also open to you! 

          • Create your own Moodboard by either following the theme this week or using your own ideas. The Linky will be open for 2 weeks.
          • You can create your Moodboard any way you like, with an actual magazine collage scanned in or photographed or using the computer ie. photoshop, picmonkey, olioboard or Polyvore. You could even use a selection of photos/images in your blog post separately to create your Moodboard.
          • You may want to focus on interiors one week and fashion the next, you may want to use your own photography or images – anything goes, feel free!
          • If you would like some ideas about how to create your moodboards check out my tutorial on How to create the perfect moodboard.
          • Post your Moodboard on your own blog and then link up below.
          • You can also link up at the Love Chic Living Moodboard Monday feature too.
          • Grab the Moodboard Monday button from the sidebar and include it in your blogpost.
          • Comment on others that have linked up and share some Moodboard Monday love!


The trend for lace is not going anywhere… in fact it is even spreading to our face! This Halloween why not opt for a stylish take on dressing up with some facelace of your own? We made our own DIY facelace with black facepaint and a fine brush.  You could even use an eyeliner. Make up a pattern or take inspiration from the very beautiful original facelace available at

Team your facelace with a little black dress and add a touch of Halloween with a skull necklace and these FAB skulls boots by Jeffrey Campbell now available at Office. Cool, classy Halloween. Now this is the kind of dressing up I like :)

Stylish Halloween





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