We were asked to review theĀ  music CD “The Land of Sometimes“. A mysterious magical musical journey created by Francesca Longrigg.

The CD arrived at the beginning of the week and littlelish was already super excited by the cover and booklet! Oh the joys of having a new CD – I remember that feeling (that’s why I love CD’s). The mini book was beautifully illustrated with fun and imaginative pages corresponding to each of the songs. This helped littlelish to imagine the story as it is being told and she held the book firmly in her hands when her favourite songs were playing.

The story is about 2 children who make a wish to visit the silver line that holds up the sea and outlines the sky…. and as we all know wishes come true! :) The twins are transported to The Land of Sometimes. A magical world where four season pass in one day, home to quirky, hilarious characters.

There is a character and a song to appeal to every child including a slimy river slouch, a mischievous fairy and littlelish’s favourite the pussy cats Holly and George (which we had to replay about 5 times!). Little interludes between the songs carry the story onwards. The CD cleverly uses various genres of music from reggae to New Orleans jazz!

Littlelish particularly liked the funny songs and kept on picking out silly words and rhymes “electric volcano made of cherries and berries, mummy did you hear that? cherries and berries hehehe”.

My little one is only 2.5 years old but the land of sometimes is definitely suitable for all ages. Any child who loves funny, silly, imaginative stories and music will love this CD. I have also just discovered they have a great website http://www.thelandofsometimes.com where you can find more about the characters and The Land of Sometimes. There are pictures to print off and colour in and best of all LYRICS! (Littlelish kept on asking me to sing along!)

We rate it: 4/5 (upgraded to 5/5 after a week of listening – littlelish loves it and knows all the words!) :)

You can buy The Land of Sometimes on amazon from the 6th February 2012.