3ofus I don’t know if you’ve noticed but things have been a little quiet on here of late. I’ve been taking some much needed time for myself and my family.

Don’t worry we are all well and happy but it took me stepping back from the blog and a few other commitments to achieve some balance and peace in our lives.

You see adjusting to being a mum of two was much harder than I EVER imagined. I mean before the arrival of Babylish I definitely had the mum thing down. Littlelish and I were a well oiled team, we knew all the rules and each others boundaries and things worked.

Then the most beautiful little bundle of curls and cheeky smiles arrived to shake up the scene and boy does she have the personality to cause some havoc. Full of energy, feistiness and mischief by the bucket load. Adorable, totally flipping adorable but pretty hard work.

I spent months trying and failing to juggle my life and the roles I had created for myself. ‘The creative blogger’, ‘the devoted stay at home mum’, ‘the perfect wife’, ‘the renovating interior lover’, ‘the desperate (to have a clean) housewife’, ‘the interesting/sociable/smart/caring human’. It was ALL too much to bear. I was spread too thin and I couldn’t be any of these things.

Many days I felt like I was losing my mind. I so wanted to be me, the fun spontaneous, interesting me but I was tired, stressed and on edge. I felt like a failure in every one of my roles and it was making me totally miserable. Looking back I wasn’t failing at all but had put so much pressure on myself. After all I had a young baby, I was renovating a period property and planning a wedding. That’s like 3 major life milestones all at once. I hadn’t made things easy for myself had I?

The tipping point for me was the day  Littlelish found a little white feather.

I told her an angel had blessed her with a wish. She closed her eyes and wished, thinking long and hard, making sure she made the right choice.

She asked me if I wanted to know her wish, she often does this, as if the excitement of the wish is too much to keep to herself. Playfully I guessed she had wished for another pet dog, it’s her default wish. But that day she told me she had wished for something different. She wished her mummy wasn’t stressed and that she and her sister could be good girls so mummy could feel happy. My heart ached.

So for the sake of my sanity and those around me I decided to go into what I call survival mode, focusing only on my primary priorities. I selfishly became, just mum, and took off some of those heavy labels that were dragging me down.

These days I am not stressed. You will find me playing with the girls and tending to what I can in the house. I make good food and I make the time to go to the gym for some me time. I visit friends with small children, I play in the garden, I do the school run. It’s a very simple existence but it’s what I needed. I know I am blessed to be in the position to be able to do this and for this I am truly grateful.

All the things I used to take great pleasure in doing, blogging, reading, writing, drawing have had to take a back seat. I’m simply ‘being’ these days and it is doing us all good.

I’ve also deliberately taken a step back from social media, it helps me to drown out the noise of ambition, pressure, competition and expectation.

I’m keeping sane, peaceful and most importanly I’m smiling every day. It took a while to figure out but I’m there and embracing it.

There is plenty of time to be the business woman I want to become, for self discovery, growth and ambition. Conquering the world will have to wait.

I’ve learnt there is nothing wrong with just being mum. After all I’m the world to them.





A tale of 4 bears

Once upon a time there was a family of bears. Like most ordinary bears one of their favourite things to do in the whole wide world was sleep.

Only the littlest bear in the family was different. She didn’t really like to sleep. Instead she preferred to wriggle, play and kiss mummys nose, all night long.

Although this was very cute, it made Mummy and Daddy Bear sad. They loved sleeping so much but they loved their baby bear more. So they tossed and turned all night long, pleading with their little one to go to sleep.

It didn’t work and when they woke in the morning, Daddy was grizzly and Mummy was like a bear with a sore head.

Something needed to change. Mummy decided it was time they got a super king bed and a brand new mattress from Sleepbear.


Just right

Sleepbear made the finest mattresses in all the land. Not too soft, not too hard, in fact they were just right.

Perfect for a family of bears who loved to sleep. Plus there was room in the new bed for Mummy, Daddy, Little Bear AND Baby Bear.


Too soft


Too hardsleepbear-mattress

Just right

The mattress was unlike any they had ever seen before. It’s unique design used 3 special layers including a pure latex top layer, a memory foam middle layer and a dense base layer.

All 3 layers had special powers, the bottom supporting, the middle contouring and the top layer which made the mattress soft and bouncy like a cloud.


Mummy and Daddy Bear loved their new mattress dearly. Sinking into it felt like recieving the biggest of bear hugs, supportive and so so snuggly.

With a 100 days to test their new mattress to see if it was just right for them, they pondered hibernating all winter just to be sure. But it was obvious after just one day that the mattress would be here to stay. And with a 10 year guarantee they knew they would love their mattress for many many years to come.

They were hopeful that by then Baby Bear may just have discovered a love of sleep too, maybe even in her own bed!


Thank you

Thank you to Sleepbear, who asked us to road test their brand new luxury, hypoallergenic mattress. We’ve been sleeping on our new sleepbear mattress for over a month now and absolutely LOVE it. Despite not getting a full nights sleep, the sleep we do get on our mattress is wonderful. Bedtime feels so luxurious now, just like those glorious nights spent sleeping in a hotel but now it’s every night. It’s truly perfect and the best Christmas present two sleep deprived parents could ask for.

Read more about the benefits of a Sleepbear mattress, how the sleepbear mattress is made or the other great reviews from other Sleepbear owners. We also made an unboxing video so you can watch us when we first get our mattress!

The Sleepbear mattress was gifted for review purposes however all thoughts are our own. We couldn’t be happier with our amazing new mattress!


A baby’s first Christmas is to treasure forever. Today I’m collaborating with Mamas & Papas and remembering last Christmas when Babylish was newborn. It was such a magical time…

My darling,

This time last year I was very, very pregnant. I spent every day in ugg boots and my ever faithful maternity breton striped top. Everyone I met asked me when I was going to pop, if I was sure I only had one in there and hedged their bets that today would be the day.

In fact it wasn’t until a few weeks, on December 18th that you arrived into the world. Sleepy and content with a mop of soft dark hair and two dark almond eyes.

Wanting to feed non stop all night while I lay in the hospital listening to the silence and muffled cries of other babies discovering their worlds. You didn’t cry, you simply fed and slept peacefully in my arms. Seemingly so content and at peace with being born.

After what seemed like forever in the hospital, the day came that we could take you home. Daddy and I were so unbelievably excited and full of total adoration for you. I was captivated, mesmerised by your every move and my heart swelled with so much love it felt like it could burst out of me.

As we drove home in the dark evening lit with the twinkle of Christmas lights. I remember thinking you were the best Christmas present ever.

We spent the next week cocooned in our own little world. As you were born by csection, mummy needed to rest which meant lots of snuggles in bed. We ate mince pies from M&S and watched Christmas movies in bed with your Daddy and sister. It was the most perfect of Christmases.

This Christmas you will be one. You’ve grown into such a cheeky, funny little girl with the sparkliest of personalities. Keeping me constantly on my toes, you are quite demanding for one so small. You love to climb, always looking for mischief and adventure at every chance. Turning to look at me with those twinkly eyes and cheeky grin before you are off on the hunt for some more trouble. Your sister and dog are your very best of friends and I love watching you interact with them with such joy.

I can’t wait to watch you and your sister open your presents, eat your first Christmas dinner and spend fun and happy times with our little family. Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives in your own unique, cheeky way. We love you dearly, our little Christmas baby.

Love always, your Mummy x



Do you have a Christmas baby? Or are you expecting a special arrival before santa comes to visit? There are some very beautiful items over on the Mamas & Papas website perfect for adorable little people at my favourite time of year.

We treated ourselves to some lovely Christmas pyjamas and a cute santa teddy! The Liberty print dress is all ready and waiting to be worn at her 1st birthday party.


Mamas & Papas thank you for collaborating with Lish Concepts, for sending us a gift voucher to treat ourselves and for reminding me of this special time last year.













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