babylish-baby-led-weaningSince the addition of Babylish to the family, I feel like my life is busier than ever. I’m a stay at home mum but also a work at home mum which means my days are packed full.

I really enjoy cooking but it’s not something I really have a lot of time for at the moment. With 2 hungry little mouths to feed I need meals that are quick and nutritious.

Weaning the Italian way

Baby at the table is a new book by The Chiappas sisters Emanuela and Michela, both busy mums to young children. Having been brought up in a large Italian community in South Wales, they know a thing or two about family and food!

Baby at the table shares the Italian approach to weaning which aims to get your little one joining in family meals at the table by age 1. Split into 3 stages, baby, toddler and family, it’s crammed full of lovely recipes and tips on essential basics like how to organise your freezer, store cupboard essentials, when to wean, what babies can and can’t eat and portion sizes.

Baby at the table is a philosophy we definitely believe in. Simple, fresh ingredients used to prepare healthy meals for all the family and prepped in less than 15 mins, perfect!


Weaning Babylish

At 9 months old Babylish has passed the weaning stage and is already eating with our family. We went down the baby led weaning route, mostly because she’s a fiesty one and wouldn’t be spoon fed. Plus she enjoys feeding making a giant mess and throwing food everywhere, herself. I jest, she’s actually a really good eater, enjoying everything that resembles food – even dog food biscuits (really trying to wean her off these!!). With 4 teeth she’s got a good bite on her too which helps!

Despite the fact that Babylish is already eating at the table with us (I always thought I was Italian at heart!) we can still use a helping hand with recipe ideas. I love the clever ideas for speedy lunches like cheats pizza, healthy snacks like apple sandwiches and tasty Italian classics for the whole family like rainbow ricotta gnocci.

Testing the recipes

We have been using the book to make some fab meals this week including the Salmon and Broccoli pasta which we all ate as dinner one night, the girls at the first sitting and Daddy and I later on in the evening. We were all fans of the dish but Babylish was a particular fan and wolfed the lot down as soon as it was in front of her.



We also opted for the ricotta pudding which we were sold on by the photo of Fiamma (Michela’s daughter) enjoying a large bowl of chocolatey goodness! It was the first time Babylish had tried chocolate pudding and she LOVED it. Perhaps a little too much! Although obviously the ricotta pudding is a treat only to be given occasionally it does feel good to be able to create a pudding that is homemade with a clear knowledge of the ingredients. And while ricotta cheese and chocolate may not be the most healthy things in the world there is no pure sugar in the recipe at all, it is only sweetened with maple syrup or honey.



We’ve also got the ingredients in to make the Blueberry bread and mini fish pies this week both of which I cannot wait to try!

Making it easy for mums

Written by mums after my own heart, Baby at the table is like the bible your super organised chef best friend would make for you. Always trying to make life easier, never complicating it with long ingredient lists or complicated cooking steps. Everything has been made with time saving and you in mind.


It feels like a tremendous amount of love has gone into making this book and a real sense of family and joy runs through each page. The photos of the families together with their adorable children tell a heartwarming story, feeding your family should be joyful and so, in fact, should cooking for them. Let’s face it when you are busy mum, cooking is joyful when it is quick, simple and healthy and more importantly it actually gets eaten by your children!

Baby at the table is available from all good book stores, including Amazon. I’m definitely hanging on to my own copy but I do have a copy available for giveaway too. You can enter via the rafflecopter. Sorry but it’s only available to UK residents.

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inspirationbluesmallerserene image

Image source: Grey likes baby

Well the Lish household renovations are well under way and finally after completing a lot of work we don’t actually get to see, like rewiring and rendering the outside of our house, we can actually check one room from our very long to do list! The road was long… the room needed replastering, the floorboards sanding and everything needed a fresh coat of paint… but finally we have a nursery!

We decided that Babylish would have the privilege of having the first finished room in the house as a kind of welcome to the family present. Although infact she currently sleeps in our room, we loved making a little sanctuary for her and all her things for when she eventually transitions to her own room. Now as the only completed room in the house it is quite often my little sanctuary and I go in there just to breathe and remind myself how beautiful the house will be when it is finally finished.

Creating a babies nursery is a wonderful project as you can explore many different directions, themes adding loads of fun, sweet elements. Childrens rooms along with playrooms are perhaps some of my favourite rooms to decorate because you can let your imagination run wild and yeah yeah, I’m just a big kid!

After scouring Pinterest for inspiration I decided I wanted to create a serene nursery for our new arrival. There are so many fun, colourful ideas out there but we are lucky enough to have a playroom downstairs in our house for colour explosions and I wanted her to have a calm, peaceful place to sleep and relax in because we all love babies who sleep well at night don’t we?

Before starting an interiors project I always create a brief for myself. So to start out creating a moodboard I take 5 key words for the look and feel of the room and choose 5 images to portray them. My words for Babylish’s room were serene, light, soft, magical and dreamy and here is my final moodboard for inspiration…


I love the soft greys and pinks and the element of magical woodland that crept in there… and then it was time for the hard graft! We (and by we, I mean he!) sanded and waxed the floors so they have a kind of stripped back old pine effect and settled upon Cornforth white by Farrow and Ball for the walls. This is an extremely popular grey by F&B as it gives a lovely warm, dusky feel to the grey, like you are being hugged by a lovely soft cloud (albeit a slightly rainy one). With the backdrop finalised we added our nursery furniture which was a hand me down from Littlelish and has a lovely antique feel to it. It was then time to start accessorising and adding the cute finishing touches to bring the room together. Keep reading this week for the final reveal!


It’s been a little quiet on the blog recently but in the real world it’s all go at our house. Just before Christmas we welcomed a new addition to the family, a beautiful little baby girl who we call Baby lish! (well obviously we don’t really call her Baby lish but for privacy reasons that’s her blog name).

A few weeks before her arrival we had a growth scan to check on how she was doing. It seems I grow rather large babies (Littlelish was born at 10llbs) and with gestational diabetes and an enormous pregnancy belly, the doctor was worried I may be growing another whopper. They predicted I had another 10llb baby floating around in large amounts of amniotic fluid, also due to the gestational diabetes. They also spotted she was transverse which means she was lying right across my belly, from right to left, a position they don’t like to deliver babies in. A c-section was the only option recommended and I was promptly booked in the week before Christmas which meant I was home just in time for the festivities with the best Christmas present ever in tow. Oh and it turns out she was a respectable 8llb 4 ounces, quite dinky I thought!


She’s been settling in to the family really well, I’m amazed to find it so relaxed with two as I was a bit nervous about managing two little monkeys, but so far so good. My baby sling has been my life saver as Baby lish doesn’t really like to be put down…. ever! In fact I’m currently stood up with the computer on the kitchen worktop, jiggling to and fro to a bit of ‘Dirty Diana’ with baby snoring in the sling. I’m going with the flow and just enjoying being at home, having lots of cuddles and being mummy to my two gorgeous girls! I had forgotten how much I love this…


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