When it comes to window dressing, roller blinds are practical and functional. We’ve two black out roller blinds in our children’s bedrooms which work really well to make their rooms dark. We all know a dark room equals a good nights sleep and the possibility of mummy getting a teeny lie in (who am I kidding).

Our blinds come from Order Blinds because let’s face it, what with renovating the entire house, we have enough DIY to do. Ordering them ready made means it saves us the trouble of cutting the blind to size. Installation is a breeze, as the blind arrives the correct size and all we need to do is attach it.

So you’ve attached your blind in no time, it’s functional, no fuss but how about adding a touch of personality to your roller blind? I always like to add little unique touch in my house so I’ve thought up 5 fun ways to customise a plain blind including the two we’ve used in my girls rooms. We went for Pom Poms in the baby room and some cool decals in my eldest girls room, I think they just add a bit of extra fun and attention to detail which is what I’m all about!

5 fun ways to customise a plain blind

Add Pom poms

I mean who doesn’t love pom poms right? Cute little balls of fluffy fun. All you need to do is buy a pom pom trim, cut to size and attach to the bottom edge of the blind with a hot glue gun. Et voila! Your blind is no longer boring but cute and fun!

Image: VT Wonen


The humble Sharpie has been known to decorate many a plain old thing. We’ve had sharpie mugs and trainers but what about adding some illustration, geometric shapes or even words to your blind. The possibilities are endless!

Lino print

Not sure about drawing freehand on to your blind? No worries. Create a stamp out of Lino (which can be purchased from your local art store) draw on your design, remembering to keep the part you want to print on raised when you cut away the Lino. I’m thinking some cute Lino cut stars would work great and not be too difficult.

Alternatively if you aren’t feeling that creative but still want a unique blind you could think about ordering a Lino cut like this one from Etsy. Just make sure you use fabric paint so it sticks to the vinyl fabric.

Image: Lynnwood Interiors

Add a beaded edge

Using a similar idea to the pom pom trim you can use a beaded trim to create a very different look. You could add a touch of glamour with sparkle or a boho twist with crystals.

Image: Brave new home

Use decals

We all know wall decals can jazz up a plain wall but how about experimenting with decals on your roller blind? Our blinds are a sort of stiff coated vinyl type fabric to which a decal adheres very well. There are so many amazing designs for decals on the market you could have some real fun with this!

So there you have it, 5 really simple ways to cheer up a plain roller blind. In truth there are probably many more than 5 ways so get creative. Just remember whatever you add to the blind, you’ve still got to be able to roll it up!!

A big thank you to Order Blinds for supplying us with our blind. It’s lovely quality, arrived quickly and we are very happy with it!

Collaborative post disclaimer: We collaborated with Order Blinds and received a blind, free of charge so we could test the service and product.


diy-calendarGood news, my dream office is the next room in the house to be plastered and decorated… and I’m counting down the days! I’m desperate to get back my blogging / crafting / arty space. I haven’t been able to get really stuck into a good creative project (minus the whole house renovation thing) for what feels like ages and I’ve forgotten how much I love it.

I was recently set a crafting challenge by Fellowes UK, the office equipment suppliers to see if I could use some of their equipment: a guillotine, a laminator and a binder to come up with a creative DIY. They’d already worked with the fab DIY Blonde who came up with an awesome ice cream pinata, which I think is brilliant!

As part of Each Peach Pear Plum, who were set the challenge too, we’d already crafted up an under the sea storm with our under water picnic ideas so I thought I’d change it up and do something practical that everyone really needs –  a calendar! But not just an ordinary calendar, one that is custom-made with your own photographs and can be reused time and time again.

Here’s my how to:

I designed my calendar on photoshop using the following format (see below). I wanted it to be a square calendar with a simple, clean design. I’ve made my layout available for you so if you want to download it just click here. Note the calendar only has the days of the week, I added the dates in later so that the calendar is truly reusable for any year. The imagery I used is from the website, I wanted it to have an adventure / nature theme to inspire me when I look at it everyday.

January copyI printed all my sheets off, for the purpose of this craft I did them A4 but the file is A3 size so if you’d like to print it larger you can! Then they needed cutting down to size which the guillotine made short work of.

cutting-down-calendar cutting-out-calendar calendar-pages

Once they were all cut to size I laminated the pages two at a time (in A3 laminating pouches) making sure I put a piece of card underneath to help guide it through.

calendar-making     laminator

Now it was time to bind the pages together. First I needed to make the holes in the correct place and line them on top of the binding comb. The machine was super simple and straightforward to use! Within a few minutes I had my own bound calendar.


I hung a thread through the binding comb so the calendar could be hung and ta da! You are able to write on the calendar with any dry erase pen. As you can see on the first image I added my dates in for september and started planning in my schedule.

If you’d like to create your own calendar why not download my layout, you can either use my photos or get creative and change them for your own. What about a calendar of family shots or photos of your favourite travel destinations, the possibilities are endless!

make-your-own-calendar diy-wipe-calendar

Thank you to Fellowes for gifting the office equipment so we could get crafty. I hope you enjoy my creation and feel inspired to make your own DIY reusable calendar.


















inspirationbluesmallerchristmas windowThat’s it, it’s officially Christmas season! The John Lewis advert is out today (and just how gorgeous is it? So sweet!) AND I was humming along to the Christmas sound track while shopping for gift tags yesterday.

Today I’ve got a guest post today from Kate who is sharing with us some lovely ways to decorate your windows at Christmas time. It’s going to be a crazy one for us this year with our baby girl due just around Christmas time but I’d love to give some of these a go nevertheless.

Decorating your house at Christmas can be a fun, but there’s a fine line between charming and tacky when it comes to Christmas decor. Luckily when it comes to making window displays it’s hard to go too wrong.


Image source:


Making paper snowflakes is so nostalgic of primary school, whether you have children or not. It’s cheap as chips and lots of fun to do, since the only required materials are scissors and printer paper. Making a display out of them is super easy – make a range of different sizes and tack them straight onto the window for a sudden blizzard effect, or add a hole punch to the top and thread string through to create a garland, perfect for accessorizing a curtain pole.

baubles hanging

Image source:

Curtain Embellishments

For an understated, chic design, take some christmas tree beads or pendant decorations and accessorize your curtains. Like adding a statement pendant over an LBD, beads can be threaded through curtain loops to hang over block-coloured drapes, adding a pop of colour and sparkle. Crystal or glass baubles in the centre of a window can make some great rainbow effects during the daytime, as the light is refracted throughout the room.

wreath xmas

DIY Wreaths

Perfect for doors and windows, small Christmas wreaths look traditional and festive, and make great craft projects. Visit a craft shop to get hold of some artificial grapevine and wire to hold your wreath together, and add whatever embellishments you choose, from florals to fruits to pinecones with a hot glue gun. Acrylic paint and glitter glue can be used to add extra colour and sparkle as you see fit. Add some essential oils like Orange for a lovely welcoming fragrance.

cards in window

Image source: Country Living

Card Garland

As Christmas cards arrive, it can be hard to find somewhere to display them all, especially if you don’t have a mantelpiece. Sash windows are ideal here, as you can tie ribbon to the pulleys on either side and hang your cards sideways or secure with clothes pegs to create a Victorian style garland. Give it some flair by tying bows or adding tinsel over the knots to seal them in as decor.

candles and plant

Image source:

Illuminated Planters

If your green thumb amounts to a pot on the windowsill, there’s still potential to add some Christmas spirit. tiny LED string lights can be wrapped through a small shrub, or decorate with small baubles to add some embellishment. Add a touch of greenery to candles in the window for a natural, rustic look.

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