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It is that time of year when everyone goes mad for those beautiful little blue flowers – bluebells! We are lucky to live close to Rutland Water, a wonderful reservoir surrounded by woodland and countryside. It is fab for biking, for walking, for playing, for picnicing and for bluebells! Over the half term we took a trip down to Rutland water with some friends in search of the magical little flowers and found them in abundance.


Littlelish loves everything and anything a little bit fairytale (as do I) and is currently reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton which she adores. So you can imagine how excited we were to have the whole bluebell wood to ourselves. With our imagination fired up we admired these beautiful flowers, the children totally in their element, dreaming of fairies, pixies and enchanted trees. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a carpet of blue flowers to make you smile.





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This post is written in collaboration with Tesco Compare home insurance who aim to find you a competitive quote from a range of providers, ensuring you get the best deal for your family home and its contents.

As you know we’ve been working really hard on our house recently. We’ve laid a new floor and all the rooms are getting an introduction of colour and a few new pieces of furniture. It feels wonderful to see it coming together and slowly turning into the family home we are dreaming of. Making my house and my surroundings beautiful are so important to me, not only because I am a very visual person who is sensitive to their surroundings but also because it is the place I spend the most time with my family and friends and I want it to be warm, cosy, fun and friendly.

The kitchen truly is the heart of the family home in my world. It is where you will find us eating together, cooking together, drawing together and welcoming friends and family with a nice cup of tea. We are lucky to have quite a spacious kitchen in the new house but up until recently is was nothing but a big empty space and a very white wall. The room definitely needed a focal point and somewhere for us to sit!

As part of our mission to make the house more of a family home we decided to move our dining room table into the kitchen. It was so important to Littlelish and I to have somewhere to sit together to do things like homework and for us all to have somewhere to eat informally as a family.


Once we had the table in place it was time to look for some suitable kitchen chairs. I knew what I had in mind, something contemporary, practical and fun, that wouldn’t break the bank. Eventually we found a gorgeous fresh, contemporary chair with a white plastic seat which works perfectly in a kitchen space frequented by little sticky hands. It has some great wooden legs which match with the table and at £49 from Tesco Direct they were a steal!




We painted the wall Fossil grey by Dulux which we decided was a nice base shade that we could use as a backdrop for any accent colours we might want to introduce. I finished the wall off with a display of photographs, artwork and drawings from Littlelish. Just a little collection of things that make us smile every morning as we eat our breakfast :)


Our kitchen has been transformed into a useable family room and we are making much better use of the space that we had available. The overall makeover may not be completely finished, I’m still thinking of adding some more colour into the room, perhaps some more blue to match with our dinner service and some shelves to house our cookery books which are currently piled up on the floor but we are very nearly there!




Disclosure: Tesco Compare provided us with the lovely chairs for review and helped to make our house that bit more a home :) We will absolutely be looking into insuring the contents of our home against accidental damage, you never know what can happen in a house with a 4 year old and a new puppy!


It’s pancake day tomorrow and I know one little girl who is very happy about that thought, it is basically the only day a year she is allowed a pudding for her dinner!

Although a traditional lemon and sugar pancake is divine, over in our house we like to add to the fun by mixing and matching flavour combinations. We stock up on all the basics eggs, flour, milk, lemons and icing sugar but we also fill the counter with other ingredients, cocoa powder, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, a variety of fruit like bananas, mangos, strawberries and blueberries. Then we get our chef hats on and have fun playing around with new creations. It is a chance for Littlelish to be creative and experiment in the kitchen and one thing she loves is flavour combinations (this is the kid who dips cucumber in her orange juice and carrots in her milk, mmmm)!

These are some of our tried and tested, family favourite flavour combinations for pancakes.


Apple, cinnamon and maple syrup

This is a simply heavenly combination. Bake the pancake as normal but add thin slices of apple to the top of your pancake while in the pan and sprinkle with cinnamon. Flip over using the spatula and brown the apple side too and then pop on a plate and cover in maple syrup.


Chocolate and banana

This is taking your standard chocolate and banana pancake to a new level! Take some of your pancake mixture aside (enough for one small pancake) and add a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder to the mix. Your kids will love the idea of a chocolate pancake. We serve ours with chocolate sauce and slices of banana. Yum!


Pink cherries

One for the little girls in your life, the pink sprinkle and cherry pancake! Simply a normal pancake with cherries, pink sugar sprinkles and icing sugar. Pretty as a picture.


Banana, blueberry and honey

This is a lovely flavour combination and one I eat most mornings with my paleo pancakes. Cook a handful of blueberries with your pancake and serve with sliced bananas and some yummy organic honey.

I’m sure we will be creating some new, exciting flavour combinations tomorrow if Littlelish has anything to do with it! What are your favourite family flavour combinations? I’d love you to inspire us!

A big thank you to Dunelm who sent us the perfect set of equipment for pancake making and will ensure we have a successful pancake day tomorrow with no lumpy pancakes sticking to the bottom of the pan!

  • A Mason and Cash mixing bowl – the only mixing bowl as far as we are concerned! Ours always comes out of the cupboard when we are baking, we love it.
  • A Spectrum collection whisk – large and sturdy.
  • A spatula – definitely needed for flipping.
  • A beautiful beechwood lemon juicer – a great sized, hand juicer which I know will come in very, very handy.
  • A copper bottomed Infinity frying pan – did a great job of ensuring our pancakes did not stick.



A what? What is this Cricut mini I speak of (I must admit I had never heard of one either)? Well it is only something really, super, duper cool for all those who love crafting like I do!

Ok how to explain, a cricut mini looks like a printer only it doesn’t print, it cuts… paper, card, vinyl and iron on transfer material into pretty much anything you could imagine. It comes with computer software which you upload onto your PC or MAC.

You create a design in the online craftroom by using all kind of fonts and images, select ‘cut’ and the Cricut gets to work cutting out your intricate design / font / pattern with it’s tiny blade. I’ve often wondered how on earth to the make such intricate paper cut art / perfect iron on transfers / beautiful cut out cards that I would so love to make but did not have a clue how. The Cricut is the answer!


So when the team at Cricut asked if I would be interested in reviewing a Cricut, I have to admit I might have squealed a little bit! The thought of being able to make such beautiful things at the push of a button (well using a bit of creativity and handy work of course) was very exciting. I couldn’t decide what to make first, I had so many ideas buzzing round my head.

I decided to give the iron on transfer a go and customise the new curtain I had just sewn for Littlelish’s high sleeper. Installing the software was very easy, it was just a case of following the instructions and then I set to work designing. The Cricut mini works with cartridges which you can also upload to your online workroom. These cartridges hold all the images and fonts you need to create a design. I wanted to create the word ‘imagine’ so I fond a suitable font and began laying out the letters.


I soon realised it wasn’t possible to lay the word out in order, I wanted to maximise the amount of letters I could get onto my A4 piece so I arranged them cleverly to all fit on one page as you can see in my photo. It was time to turn the Cricut mini on. I had to stick the vinyl I wanted cutting out onto the Cricut mini mat which is like a sticky mat that keeps whatever it is you are cutting in place. Super straightforward. Then I loaded the mat and pressed cut and watched the machine work it’s magic. It was literally done in less than a minute.



Peeling the letters back off the sticky mat took a little longer and was a little bit fiddly, but with a bit of patience and some wiggling, I had my iron on letters. I believe you can buy a special cricut tool to make this job easier, nevertheless it was possible without it. I laid the letters onto my fabric and followed the iron on instructions. Within 5 – 10 mins, the curtain was complete!




And here is the finished article, what do you think? I love it and so did Littlelish. She went straight into her ‘den’ after school yesterday and only came out at dinner time!





The possibilities for creativity are literally endless with the cricut. I have a very long list of ‘things to make’ with my new machine; wall stickers, cards, upcycled plant pots etc etc. For some more Cricut inspiration check out their Pinterest boards.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Cricut mini to review but all opinions are honest and very much my own.

While music festivals and family friendly don’t always sit together, they’re not all about drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. There are some fabulously family-orientated festivals across the world, where the focus is on parents and children enjoying and discovering new music together. Here are just a few of the most family friendly festivals where you can listen, dance, craft and camp together:

Off The Tracks festivals


Stall at the Off The Tracks festival by David Wilson Clarke

What to expect – Off The Tracks holds two festivals at Castle Donnington, in the heart of England, every year, in May and August. Ordinarily a camping and caravanning site, it means there are good facilities, with proper loos and showers. There’s a children’s play area and arts and crafts activities for little ones, along with a line-up that, for spring, includes Jesus Jones and Big Country.

Where to stay – You can stay on-site, in your tent or motor home, and there are power points for hooking up your tourer. Tickets for the event are based on a package which includes camping. If camping is not your style then the festival suggests the Lady Gate Guest House in Diseworth near Castle Donnington.

Into the Great Wide Open


The Ferris wheel at Into the Great Wide Open by Maarten van Maanen    

What to expect – A pop festival on Vlieland, a tiny island on the coast of The Netherlands, The Great Wide Open describes itself as a ‘dream festival’ for all ages. It offers a mix of music, arts and film, all in breathtakingly gorgeous surroundings. Taking place at the beginning of September, artists on the line-up include Ebo Taylor and The Silhouettes. The event is very much geared towards enjoying the Great Outdoors, so families can listen to music while gathering around campfires and eating seafood from the surrounding flats.

Where to stay – Camping Storetmelk is all about getting close to the elements, staying in tents on the dunes. The site is just a stone’s throw from the beach, where you can have a dip in the bracing North Sea.

Porthcawl Interceltic Festival


 “The Brim” Porthcawl Interceltic Festival at by Kim Appleby

What to expect – A celebration of the music, songs and dance of the Celtic countries and isles of Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Wales, the Porthcawl Interceltic Festival in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, prides itself on offering something for all ages. Taking place from March 7 to 9, it features more than 300 performers, culminating in the Parade of the Celts, in Porthcawl Town Centre, a colourful spectacle with pipers, dancers and musicians.

Where to stay – Staying at Parkdean’s Trecco Bay caravan site makes an ideal base as it’s in keeping with the festival’s family-friendly values, with its beach access, indoor swimming pool complete with pirate ship, dodgems and kids’ clubs.

Primavera Sound


Primavera Sound by

What to expect – A good way to introduce children to the world of music, Primavera Sound takes place in May at the Parc del Forum, Barcelona. The festival includes Minimusica, an array of events for children, all geared around a different theme each year.

Where to stay – You won’t find family friendly camping at Primavera Sound. But, there are plenty of good options near the Parc del Forum. The Hotel SB Diagonal Zero Barcelona is just a minute’s walk away and has a rooftop pool for cooling down after working up a sweat dancing.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival


Bonnaroo by Jason Anfinsen

What to expect – Taking place in 700-acres of rural gorgeousness in Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo prides itself on keeping its values firmly in the ethos of the Woodstock generation. Admission is free for children up to the age of six and there is a kids’ club that runs from midday to 6pm along with a colossal waterslide. All that, and music too!

Where to stay – Camping is included as part of the general admission package. There’s a special family camping area for parents and small children to make sure they have the best possible festival experience.

For parents who want to introduce their children to music festivals, these events now offer the chance for a family-friendly getaway. And, while they may not give you all the comforts of home, choosing one of these smaller festivals gives you the chance to enjoy an outdoor music experience with all the family, young and old. featured-post

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There are 5 days to Christmas and I still have some presents to buy, lots to wrap, food shopping to organise, a house to clean and stockings to sew! Yet yesterday you would have found me doing a spot of interior decorating…

This week I was challenged by Homeserve to makeover one of  the rooms in my house to make it more warm, Christmassy and inviting. The incentive, a £50 B&Q voucher and the chance to win a further £250 voucher (could come in very handy!)

Never one to turn down an arty challenge and having only recently moved into the house which is known as “cream palace”, think cream walls and cream carpet… I had plenty of choice of rooms that I could apply this to.

The new house is beautiful but seriously lacking in colour and personality, which we are adding slowly but surely. Our living room already has a warm red and soft oatmeal brown colour and is pretty inviting especially with the addition of our lovely Christmas tree.

But wait, I knew one room that could seriously do with a makeover in time for Christmas, the dining room! We are eating at home this Christmas so actually adding a bit of personality, warmth and festive spirit to a incredibly dull room would be fantastic.


(I know, I know…)

So I took on the challenge, even though I only had a couple of days to enter, popped down to B&Q, bought some paint by Dulux in a gorgeous deep grey blue called Breton Blue £21.98, a new light fitting and some Christmassy bits and bobs to decorate the Christmas table.


Hmmm… I know what you are thinking blue, that is not warm is it? It isn’t traditionally what you would think of when you think hot, flame, heat but actually this blue is such a lovely soft deep colour that it does warm up what was a very cold, cream, boring room. In fact I even think it has a kind of mediterranean feel about it which is most definitely warm!!


I set to work painting the wall, I decided to create a feature wall as I thought this would make the room look larger and it definitely does. The paint covered beautifully in one go and I have more than 3/4 of a tin left so may do the other walls at a later date, we will see…


I then got my lovely assistant and strong man to put up the light fitting for me. This was an absolute bargain at £14.98 and although simple, I really like it. No more hideously fussy light fitting that belonged to the previous owners, this one is sleek, understated with a nice touch of bamboo on the inside. Not Christmassy but very versatile and perfect for the long haul.


I then set to work on making my Christmas table. I was inspired by Amanda at the Ana Mum Diary who I saw recently use a blanket as a tablecloth and as I own no tablecloths, went upstairs to dig out my gorgeous Indian throw decorated with tiny light reflecting mirrors. I had to do a bit of folding but very quickly I had a new tablecloth and über Christmassy at that!


I then took the threads off the decorations I bought from B&Q and laid them down on the table as extra decoration. I loved these snowflakes and thought they looked beautiful. I then hunted around the house for some other bits and bobs to dress the table with, some shiny silver beads which were left over from a craft project and some gorgeous vintage buttons of which I have hundreds. I weaved the silver beads around the snowflakes and dotted around a few vintage buttons just to add a playful, vintage, a little 1920′s glamour feel which I got from the lovely snowflakes and mix of gold, silver and glass…


Every Christmas table needs a centre piece so I found a bowl I already had and added a few bits of potpourri in gold and silver with the additional of a cinnamon stick, you’ve got to have a cinnamon stick at Christmas.


The table then just needed some candles (for warmth in the frosty, sparkly wonderland – the candle light bounces off all the reflective surfaces and looks lovely) and of course place settings which I quickly fixed and voila. One super quick inviting dining room with a gorgeous, classy, easy Christmas table.


What do you think? A am thrilled with the transformation and cannot wait to have our first Christmas in our new house!

Oh my goodness, how did Christmas manage to sneak up so fast? No matter how early I start to think about getting organised with presents, cards, decorations, Christmas dinner, it always seems like a mad rush to the finish line!

The greatest thing about getting all the prep out of the way is we can breathe a sign of relief, crack open the champers and the celebrations can begin. For me this time of year is all about getting together with loved ones and good friends, Christmas get togethers followed by New Years Parties followed by my own birthday in January (if everyone isn’t already exhausted by all the festivities!). It is a whirlwind of friends and families, food and fun.

If you are hosting the party at home make sure to check out my tips below on making sure your party is a big success!

Create space in your home to entertain. Move things aside and put items away that you don’t want to get damaged. Create comfy seating areas, chill out spots, the food table, a bar and maybe even a little dance floor…

Decorate. You don’t have to go all out here, keep it simple. Use an accent colour and run it through your party decorations to tie it all together. How you decorate will be based on the kind of party you throw but surf Pinterest for some excellent homemade inspiration. For me it is all about the details, oh and don’t forget nice scented candles in the toilet :)

Food. If you have plenty of time on your hands you might want to home make your canapes, nibbles and party food, but there is no shame in buying pre-made from the supermarket. In fact it will save you an enormous amount of time! Try to cater for all tastes, something for the meat eaters, something for the veggies, not everything has to be complicated, you can’t beat lovely fresh salad vegetables and a nice dip or gorgeous crusty bread with pate.

Music. Create an awesome party playlist before the night so you can just pop it on and not have to worry about it. Use music that you love with a few party (or Christmas) classics thrown in for good measure.

Fancy dress. Everyone loves fancy dress. Why not give your party a theme and use the planning app from the Fancy Dress Ball to give you a helping hand to organise your party? Meanwhile search the site for your perfect fancy dress outfit, they have some absolutely brilliant costume ideas here, the best I have seen by a mile! I fancy a Great Gatsby style New Year party!

Games. This very much depends on what kind of party it is you are hosting but you can beat a game for a bit of lighthearted fun! It could be karaoke, a good old game of cranium or a classic drinking game. Check out these fun dinner party games.

Drinks. Be creative, sure have wine and beer but what about some seasonal cocktails to add a talking point?  Think mulled wine or champagne cocktails for New Years. Guaranteed to get the party started. You could also think about setting out self service bars, a wine station, a cocktail station and a soft drinks station… it saves you having to continually top everyone up!

Relax and have fun! Don’t let the party planning get the better of you. Relax and enjoy your own party :) Don’t worry, everyone will go with the flow and your friends will enjoy no matter what, that is why they are your friends after all!



Christmas came a little early at our house this week, as the post man delivered some parcels we were allowed to open before December 25th!

You see I had been asked to take part in the Debenhams Blogger Secret Santa. With a budget of £80, a group of bloggers were chosen and allocated a secret santee (we decided this was officially a word) to choose a gift for from the Debenhams site.

After carefully reading through and researching my secret santee’s blog, deciding what they might possibly like to receive, I set to work browsing the Debenhams site.

Christmas is my all time favourite time of year for many different reasons but one of them is, I love to buy people gifts! There were plenty of beautiful things to choose from and it was pretty hard to narrow it down and commit!

I managed to choose what I think they might like (fingers crossed they did!) and I waited excitedly to see what had been chosen for me. I wondered if my blog gave enough clues into the type of person I am… hmmm! Exciting stuff :)


First to arrive was a package of vintage sweets, it was like opening a mini sweet shop! So lovely, we all appreciated this one, Littlelish, me and my man. Littlelish discovered a new found love of shrimps, I devoured the pear drops the minute I opened it (they are my weakness) and my man opted for the licorice sweets. The sweets tasted so good, nothing artificial, old school and well just scrumptious. There are quite a few empty little jars already and we are just deciding whether to reuse them as a play sweetshop for Littlelish or to fill them with crafty beads, buttons and sparkles!


The second item that arrived was for Littlelish. A fabulous rainforest stamp set by Melissa and Doug, whose toys we love! This is a great present as Littlelish loves to get crafty and creative :) Of course it was immediately put to use, out came the paper and she was in stamp heaven :)


The third item made me gasp a little. It is not often I get to really treat myself and when I do it is normally something quite practical so receiving a wonderful luxurious clutch bag was a real treat for me. It is stunning, sexy and modern and will go with everything! Sleek black leather and a slinky silver strap it is the perfect going out bag. I put it to the test on Saturday as I dined with a friend at an Italian restaurant, it looked great with my red dress and black heels. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of it, small enough not to be a nuisance when you are out but large enough to fit makeup, my purse, phone etc. Just perfect.

So I was in luck, my santee obviously got a pretty clear picture of me as I received some fabulous gifts just right for our little family. So I’m thinking my blog says sweet, creative and stylish which is just about right! Hurrah :) I have literally no idea who my secret santee could be, I wish I could guess but I just have no clue… Amanda? Tanya? Stacey? Come on, who was it?? ;)

Whoever it was, thank you so so much, you put a smile on all our faces. And of course a big thank you to Debenhams for choosing us to be part of the fun! xxx

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I was invited by Country Baskets to enter their Festive Face Off. A what? I hear you cry!

The festive face off is a Christmas craft competition run by Country Baskets. 30 bloggers compete with each other to make a crafty decoration from a basket of craft goodness that we received.

So the last week I have been very busy making all kind of homemade decorations. The house is an absolute bomb sight and I have managed to sustain 2 knife cuts and one hot glue gun wound in a week! But with my game face on here is my entry to the competition ;)

The lucky winner will receive £250 voucher to spend at Country Baskets. Awesome! More mess and injuries here we come! No seriously I would love to win this as I am hoping to get my crafting / Etsy business back up and running in 2014.


The basket of crafting goodies we received was enormous, there were artificial flowers, ribbon, bark, decorations, buttons, baubles. I was excited for a whole week about what I was going to make out of it! We are going for a Nordic look this Christmas, you know the simple, naive, traditional Christmas with lots of red and wood (you can’t escape it, it is everywhere!) so I wanted to create something that would work alongside this.

We’ve seen the trend for stick Christmas trees all over Pinterest and I thought I would attempt to make a branch garland for on the fireplace.

Here is how I went about it!


1. I chose the best looking branch I could. This particular one is taken from my mums walnut tree and I love the moss and spiky twigs. It is pretty beautiful on its own!


2. I made some bell bunting out of little gold bells I found in the charity shop for 50p and some red string. I tripled the thickness of the string so it was nice and sturdy and tied the bells in equal spaces across the length. I then draped this over my branch.


3. I added the little golden apples to the branch. Remember with Nordic that less is most definitely more!


4. I made a few simple decorations out of the birch bark. This was literally as easy as pie. I just drew a freehand shape out on the back of the birch and used scissors to cut out the shape. I made a hole with my ‘hole maker’ (is there an official name for these?) and threaded them with some thin gold wire. These were also dotted around the branch.


5. It was already starting to look quite full. I had loads of other decorations that I had made that I was tempted to add but I didn’t as it immediately spoilt the simplicity which is the look we are going for when we think Nordic!


6. Lastly I made the word NOEL out of some wonderful maleable wire that was in the kit and sprayed this gold to fit with the colour scheme. I hung this from one of the twigs and my creation was complete.

How simple was that? But I think you will agree it looks lovely, rustic and charming. Let me know what you think of my design?

And please pop over to I’m home honey in the next few days were you will see how to make a few other decorations like these ones!




Last week I was invited to London by Magnet Kitchens, to pay a visit to The Ideal Christmas home exhibition. All ready to embrace the Christmas spirit and pick up some Christmas trend inspiration and tips I headed over to Earl’s Court where 650 exhibitors were waiting to show me their finest festive fare!

Showcasing Interiors & Home Accessories, Food & Drink, Home Improvements & Outdoor Living, Fashion & Beauty, Technology & Gadgets, Gifts and Decorations, there really was something for everyone and I spent many hours perusing the various stands picking up cool present ideas, here were my top pics!

How about a gorgeous beach towel / sarong / towel / throw for your Bestie? From


Or a beautiful candle for your Mum? From


Some absolutely fabulous magic pens for your favourite little girl? From


A gorgeous name book for your new baby Nephew? From


A funky fox cushion for your sister? From


A new mug for your papa? From


A Moroccan light for your beloved? From


There were also some gorgeous room sets designed by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen with a very opulent, rich purple theme running throughout. Very Laurance, very Luxurious… Don’t you just love that chrome bath?




I personally fell a little bit in love with the Tesco Direct stand as I am totally feeling the rustic Nordic Christmas trend. It is so warm and Christmassy :)




The rest of my afternoon was spent listening to Laurence Llewelyn Bowen giving a talk on how to have a Glamorous Hollywoods style Christmas. It seems black and gold are very much in this Season. Laurence has a new range of decorations for sale at Littlewoods of which he kept reminding us ;) They are pretty fab though… Laurence also gave us some tips on creating your own home made decorations with a personal touch, explaining that originally tree decorations were all meant as mini presents.

Why not try making your own:

  • Miniture frangrance bottles tied with a beautiful ribbon to the tree. Get samples from your local department store and make one for all the family.
  • Vintage alcohol minitures. Find some lovely vintage mini bottles and fill with homemade Sloe gin! Fun!
  • Gold sprayed anything. Take something, spray it gold, tie it to the tree with a ribbon. It could be a mini toy car, an animal… anything looks Christmassy when it is sprayed gold!

I will also be showing you how to craft some of your own homemade Christmas decorations over on I’m home honey so why not come and see what I’ve been making!

Thank you to Magnet for the invitation. If you would like to check out what the kitchen trends are f 2014 visit their trend pages here!

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