My daughter loves reading. If it was up to her we would read books all day long and quite often she requests them on repeat. With Christmas fast approaching we will no doubt be adding to her library. It got me thinking, what makes a good book in the eyes of a child? Is it the story, the adventure, the excitement? Is it the pictures, the colours, the detail? I’m guessing just like adults, children are attracted to different books depending on their character. In my little ones case (imaginative, funny, observant) I think it is the combination of detailed illustrations that she can muse over for hours, rhyming text and a good helping of humour that make a perfect book. This is her top 10 books of all time (so far!)

1. The gruffalo – A clever tale about a little mouse and a big gruffalo. It’s the humour, imagination and catchy rhymes that she enjoys, oh and mummy’s funny voices!

2. The gruffalos child – A follow up story, with the same clever mouse and this time, the gruffalo’s child. It uses the same winning recipe as the gruffalo.

3. The tiger who came for tea – A classic about a tiger that comes to a little girls house and eats all their food. My little one loves the humour and the fact that it is about food (she looooves food!)

4. Mog the Forgetful Cat – One of a whole series of Mog books. Written with brilliant humour and best of all its about a silly, fat cat. I love the illustrations of Judith Kerr.

5. Don’t wake the bear, hare! – This was one we took out of the library which had to be purchased immediately after! A story of a tea party and a big scary bear, who turns out of course not to be so scary :) A firm favourite and great to read outloud.

6. Tiddler – My daughter adores this story about Tiddler, the fish with a big imagination who tells tall tales. I have to say this is probably MY favourite book to read to her. I love that she points out all the different types of fish to me!

7.  The tale of Mrs Tittlemouse – A Beatrix Potter classic about a houseproud little mouse who keeps getting unwelcome visitors! I’m suprised she loves these stories as much as she does as the originals are written in quite old fashioned English. But she does!

8. The tale of Mrs Tigglewinkle – Another Beatrix Potter classic about a hedgehog who does all the other animal’s washing. The house in the side of the hill and the talking animals really capture her imagination.

9. We all went on Safari – This counting book looks at all the animals on safari. She loves the African names and guessing who might be Mwambe or Akeyla and I love the beautiful illustrations in this book.

10. Rosie’s hat – Another gem by Julia Donaldson. A different style to her normal stories, it is a lovely little story about a girl who looses her hat. Its the great rhyme and rhythm that make this one such a hit!

I was wondering if I’d find the time to write my first blog in the busy run up to Christmas, being mummy, working on several projects, crafting, oh yes and moving house in a week (nearly forgot about that).

It turns out I have a bit more time than I’d imagined. No I’m not a super mum, master organiser… I wish! I’m finding the time to write this first blog from the comfort of my sick bed after a very large and very heavy box of books fell out of the attic and came crashing down onto my head. Several days of aches, pains and concussion later, what is the moral of this story? Never, ever store a heavy box in a high place! Or trust the strong arms of your husband to hold said box above your head (he feels very, very guilty indeed). If only there had been a video camera filming us we’d surely be appearing on you’ve been framed. (Now I am even more convinced the vast majority of those videos are fakes, you just wouldn’t be videoing someone doing DIY or emptying the attic now would you?) I’m sure it looked totally hilarious and I did spend the first 20 minutes laughing about it (very likely the shock!) until I realised I’d actually hurt myself.

On returning from the hospital I went round to seek much needed sympathy from my darling mother, there really is nothing like a cuddle from your mummy to make everything feel better. Quite amusingly she forgot (hey I’m supposed to be the one with amnesia) I had concussion and decided test my catching reflexes by throwing ( I settle on throwing as I’m convinced she “lobbed” it and she is adamant she “tossed” it) a hard, multicoloured ball at me. Unsurprisingly my reflexes were not all that and I only noticed it coming when it whacked me in the mouth. Talk of adding insult to injury. A second person left feeling very guilty, I seem to be good at this!

My first blog post has not really been what I’d envisaged. I was imagining perhaps a cute tale about my little girl or sharing one of my crafts with you. However another thing I love to do is make people smile (even if it is at my own expense). Welcome to my wonderful, unpredictable and always somewhat entertaining world! Classic You’ve Been Framed

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