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For this weeks Green Dream we are featuring the fantastic Little Green Radicals who make beautiful organic childrens clothing at a really reasonable price. As you may have guessed we are passionate about all that is green/eco/organic in our household but we love it even more when it is also absolutely gorgeous! We were sent this lovely dress for Littlelish and I cannot begin to tell you how soft this organic cotton is… it is beautiful, so super soft that I could snuggle up in it!

Why Organic Cotton? The organic cotton we use means the farmers and their families don’t run the risk of bring poisoned by nasty pesticides and our customers get clothes that won’t irritate the skin of their little ones! In addition, the water used for dying our garments is treated and recycled and the dyes are azo, formaldehyde and chlorine free!

A classic nautical dress with a funky twist, I adore the little details like the button hole at the back of the dress and the addition of the blue panel at the top and the frill at the bottom. A loose fitting, comfy outfit which is perfect for little girls on the move. It is very versatile and is easy to wear with a variety of colours, Littlelish combined hers with white leggings (not sure why she always feels the need to roll them up!) as it was not such a warm day despite the sunshine.

What I love about this dress apart from the fact it is so soft (did I mention that?) is that it is beautifully made, a real quality item of clothing that you can tell will last a long, long time. Littelish is wearing a 2-3 year olds dress (she is very nearly 3) and she has plenty of growing room in it. I also like that it is a great mix of being comfy, loose enough to play and run about in but still very girly. With a price tag of £14.40 I think I would even go as far to say that it is an absolute steal!

I definitely recommend a visit to the website as they have some really lovely, lovely things especially for babies AND a summer sale on with up to 50% off. What are you waiting for? Byeeeeeeee!

Disclaimer: We received the dress in exchange for the review but all opinions and thoughts are entirely honest and very much mine!


Still laughing…

Just because I don’t really have anything to do apart from; search for a job, work on my freelance projects, arrange a 3 year old Birthday party, write for my blog, carve into bark for my Etsy shop, volunteer AND think of lots of games and activities for Littlelish every day because it is summer holidays! The universe conspired against me and also wondered if I’d like to furnish our entire house in Holland for a new family moving in mid August! This has called for serious shopping, unfortunately not the leisurely snuffling through charity shops that I so love. This is hardcore bargain hunting, scouring the internet for key pieces of furniture, you know like sofas, beds etc. Aaaargh…

Remembering back to the days when we furnished our house the first time around, both my husband and I were full time employed and there was no Littlelish, so we never really had any budgeting issues. Right now our financial situation isn’t looking as rosy as it used to so the budget is incredibly tight and we didn’t really plan to rent our house furnished so it came a little unexpected. This means we have to be extremely selective about what we choose because we also don’t want to just fill the house with old tat. Sure it would be easy but if we are going to do this we are going to do it properly, I don’t do anything by halves!

We took the decision to buy the larger items of furniture in Holland as it would cost far too much to ship everything over. In Holland there is a website called Marktplaats where you can buy second hand furniture from individual sellers. I guess a little like Ebay or the facebook selling groups although I actually find it easier to shop on perhaps because there isn’t so much rubbish to sift through. Don’t have time for rubbish!

We’ve decided to go with a look and feel that is sturdy and robust, natural with a good mix of contemporary and old/vintage. I’m hoping its going to look classically cool and with a funky edge and that it will have general appeal. I’m trying not to make it too much to my taste because I can have rather quirky taste that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

So first up on our long list of must haves is a double bed and we have managed to pick up this absolute beauty made of Belgium oak for around 60 pounds excluding mattress of course (all these will be new)! Photo taken is not in our room or even in our house. These will follow when we have the grand task of putting everything together!

Then we found this funky dining room table with 3 real leather chairs and a bench for 170 pounds, I can really imagine this working as a family table in the right setting – our house!

It took us quite a while to find a good sofa that didn’t cost the earth but then we stumbled across these two fantastic and more importantly nearly new, brown designer sofas. First one we can have for 125 pounds the second for 170. All they need is some beautiful cushions, a snuggly throw and bob’s your uncle (I hope!) Which one do you think we should go for? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Isn’t it quite amazing what you can pick up second hand when you are on a budget? Makes me think back to all that money we spent first time round… gulp.

Stay tuned for the next installment! xxx

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Me and My Shadow

After weeks of not being able to join in Magpie Monday, with no time to spend rummaging in charity shops I am finally back! And boy what a week it has been. You see as of this week I have a new mission (hopefully not mission impossible) to furnish our 6 bedroom house in Holland ready for new renters in a month!

This is the kind of project I love, but I have to say it would be slightly less stressful had we a large budget. Alas we don’t so I am having to have use every ounce of creativity, style and thriftiness in me to pull this off. Whereas at the beginning of the week the sheer scale of this task had me breaking out in a cold sweat, I think I might actually be enjoying the challenge a little.  I went on a small charity shop run on Friday and to a carboot sale on Sunday and this is what I found.

1. A lovely solid country style table with painted legs. It is in good condition and just needs a new lick of (Farrow and Ball) paint on the legs for it to be tip top. £15.

2. A quirky antique leather magazine holder which I just really like. Not sure if this will end up arriving in Holland or if it will be mine! £7.

3. A mirror that just needs a lick of (Farrow and Ball) paint. £1.

4. A bright yellow bread bin. This isn’t old, it’s in far too good condition but I just think it is all sunshiney and warm :) £1.

5. A jug with a cool retro pattern on it again reminds me of sunny sunshine days… I think there is a reoccurring theme here, I want some sun! £1.

6. A set of 6 dishes, small plates, large plates and a serving plate with an awesome blue pattern. My husband and I are not sure if these are too much of an acquired taste even though I love them and something more simple may have to replace them. Oh well I thought they were a bargain for £6.

7. A gorgeous little owl thingamajig (I know there is a name for these but I cannot remember what!) for putting your hot pans on. He will be staying with me. £1.

Have you furnished your house on a budget? Any top tips you’d like to share? (please help!) Leave a comment and show me some support, I have a funny feeling I might just need it :)

I know you are probably eager to see how these beauties will look when completed and in their new home so why don’t you come back next week to find out how I’m getting on!

Me and My Shadow

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