Green dream

One of my favourite things about our house is the garden. It’s large, full of plants and a lot of work! But if you remember back to when we were house hunting, a big garden was very high up on my wish list. I just love the idea of the children having plenty of space to play outside.

With the garden not having been touched for a very long time, there are plenty of big trees and hiding places. I was reminded of this again this week when Babylish decided to hide behind a tree for a good five minutes, frightening the life out of me. Only at the point when I was nearly in tears and reaching for my phone did she step out and say ‘Here I am’ with glee!

Did you know often your fondest childhood memories are outside? Have a think back, is it true for you? For me it definitely is and I can remember every inch of my childhood garden and local parks which I adored exploring.

Creating a natural play area

The back part of the garden was a jungle like wilderness on arrival. We’ve cleared it and are planning on making an area for the girls to play to their hearts content. We’ve membraned the area to stop the weeds and put down chip bark as a soft surface for them to play. Like lots of families we have a climbing frame and trampoline already but I also fancied being a little creative. I love the idea of creating something magical and natural for them.

I’m not going to lie I’m totally rubbish at gardening and don’t have the first clue about flower varieties or the plant nutrients needed to have an amazing garden! But I am good at being creative and using my imagination (well that and Pinterest) and the idea of a natural type play area that encourages imagination and free play sounds wonderful to me.

I’d really like to create a space that blends in with the surroundings taking inspiration from nature. I want them to be able to run wild, having secluded areas to relax, places to be whatever they want to be! Pinterest is my go to for inspiration for projects like this. I thought I’d share my Pinterest board with you because I think I’ve found some real gems!

Truth me told we’ve been working so hard on the inside of the house that we are both feeling a little jaded. Living in a house you need to renovate while working and having small children is a slow process. Sometimes people ask me if it’s worth it, if I’d still chose to do it all again.

The honest answer is yes, I love this house and our garden. Even on the worst days, all I have to do is take a look outside. I’ll see the girls racing around giggling in the sunshine and that’s it. I fall in love all over again.


I like to buy organic food products wherever possible but I’m also increasingly worried about the effect the chemicals added to our toiletries and cosmetic products have on us. I’ve been a fan of Green People for a while now, since I first discovered them back when Littlelish was a baby. I was very concious about her baby skin and the fact that she was so pure. With such a great range of children’s organic products from toothpaste to shampoo, I loved to try out their new products.

But what about me and my skin? Here I am every day using toiletries and cosmetics with goodness knows what chemicals in it. It’s a scary thought. I made a switch a little while back to Green People Age Defy moisturiser which I now swear by. It smells beautiful and makes my skin feel refreshed and nourished with fruity goodness.age-defy-dd-cream

So when I heard about their new organic DD cream (also Age Defy – hooray!), launched in January 2015 I was intrigued. What on earth was a DD cream? I’m no stranger to makeup, I’ve heard of a BB cream, but DD sounds like a bra size to me? I most definitely wanted to know what the fuss was about.

The first of its kind in the UK, the NEW Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF 15 is going down a storm. Available in two blendable tones of light and medium this new product offers sheer coverage and a natural glow to all skin types with no colour matching required. Made with colour correcting natural earth minerals, this lightweight cream reduces redness and balances out sallow complexions to leave a smooth and even skin tone. What’s more it is a nutrient rich and active-packed, organic youth-boosting formula. As a 33 year old, tired mummy, I like the sound of this!

Well I should probably just show you the results, the picture says it all! Both images are without any makeup and retouching so we can really focus on the skin and how it makes it look. Be kind to me because I don’t often wear no makeup really unless I’m suntanned and on the beach or in my pj’s at home!


As you can see my skin before was patchy, a bit blemishy, pale and red. Not hideous but certainly not even or smooth! It was the coverage that really impressed me, it truly does cover blemishes and imperfections like it claims to. But it didn’t go on like a thick cover up, it was sheer and lightweight, easy to apply and blend in and gave a lovely warm, soft glow to my face. I’ve used other tinted moisturiser before but they have left me with more of a shiny face, rather than this natural glow which didn’t really look like you were wearing makeup – just that you have perfect skin!

As with all Green People products, the first thing you notice is the smell. Fruity and good enough to eat, which it actually probably is, but I wouldn’t try it! At £34.95 I think this product is good value for money. I know from experience that their products go along way, so would probably last for ages and for a foundation that you are going to wear every day it is worth it to know you are taking care of your skin and body. Thanks Green People for making me not only look healthier but actually be healthier!

NB: I received the NEW Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser in Medium for review purposes.

…holidays are expensive, pets are expensive, houses are expensive, bills are expensive. I don’t think there is a family out there that wouldn’t be keen to save some money on their bills, I know we would. I’ve been reading about the new initiative from British Gas called HIVE which has been designed for families just like us that want to keep their heating bills low.

So the concept is that you get to control your heating anytime, anywhere. British Gas install a wireless receiver, thermostat and hub and you have an online account and an app on your phone or tablet or laptop to control it with. So why would you want to control your heating using an app? Isn’t that a little lazy? Ok sure if you are at home you could get off your bum and turn the heating on and off, but think about all those times that you are not at home and your heating or hot water is heating an empty house. Not exactly energy efficient is it?

Even though we try to be careful in our house, we still manage to waste energy. Like when we are on holiday or away for the weekend and the heating comes on all the same or when we are out for an evening and the house is nice and toasty but for who? Just by stopping this wastage, turning off your heating remotely when you don’t need it, you could save up to £150 on your energy bill a year. Hive Active Heating™ works with your existing heating system so you don’t need to change your setup, you don’t even need to change your supplier, you just get an engineer from British Gas to come and fit the technology and that is it!

As well as saving money there are other perks to being able to control your heating and hot water from afar… you can turn on your hot water by the press of a button so your bath is ready to run when you get home from a long day… you can set a temperature alert so that when the temperature drops below a certain level the heating kicks in… and you can even set a special frost alert to stop your pipes from freezing if you are away from home. Genius!

With that in mind I thought I’d share Littlelish’s and my current wishlist with you, things that we would love to have but just don’t have the extra cash for right now, unless we saved £150 by installing HIVE…Oh wait, we may have just bought one of these things, which will arrive next month… and might help to keep us warm, can anyone guess what it might be??




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