My beachin’ beach – Brazil (Tibau du sol)



There are just so many things I love about the beach, it is my happy place come rain or shine. The salty air, the cool sea breeze in your face, everything just seems to stop while I take it all in.

When the team over at On The Beach contacted me about a photography competition they were running to find the most beachin’ beach, I knew just the place. I’ve been to some awesome beaches, wide, bracing ones in Holland, white, heavenly ones in The Caribbean (too many years ago!) but the one beach that sticks in my mind is the wild, sensational beach I visited back in 2006 in Brazil.

For me this beach is the one, the one I will never, ever forget. It wasn’t just a lush beach where you could soak up a few rays, it was a raw, wild, natural beach – the very best kind. I walked the vast coastline every day soaking up not only the warm sun but the immense feeling. It was one of greatness, not of my own but of nature and just how big, beautiful and powerful it is.

The beach was wide and long… so long you couldn’t see to the end of it. I felt small and humble as I watched eagles swoop in and out of the trees on the rugged clifftop and the wild waves curl up to the shoreline. The sand stretched out before me following the path of the cliffs, quiet and untouched. Dolphins and porpoises playfully jumped the waves as did the infamous surfers of Brazil. It was absolutely a divine place in all sense of the word. It was a place you felt, touched and breathed in the great beauty of the world.

I often wonder what it is about the beach that draws me in so much, maybe it is the soothing sounds of the ocean, the peace you can find there or simply the realisation as you look out to sea, that adventure is yours for the taking.

Right now I am totally inspired to win, let’s hope I’m beach bound very soon… wish me luck!