I’m here, I’ve survived and you know what I think I’ve made it to the other side.

And I’m proud of myself. I’m proud I have made it this far after taking one of the hardest, bravest decisions of my life. I’ve organised a house for Littlelish and I, moved our things in, made it a home for us, been able to make the transition smooth for her, maintained good (if not always) relations with her Dad. I’ve done the practical things, I’ve called the lettings/energy/broadband/water company, found out what support I am entitled to. Best of all I’ve made this happen on my own*, took hold of my life and decided to steer it where I want it to go. And it feels good.

Sure I am not quite there yet, I’m still in process of building my empire ;) but the spark is back. The drive, the determination and the sparkle is back. Best of all I’ve discovered that it all comes from within me. After a few unsuccessful dating attempts (who knows I may share more about these one time!) I’ve realised I don’t need to rely on someone else to fulfill me,  I am fulfilled. I am strong, brave and competent. I have the capability to be happy on my own. Although really I am never alone because I share my world with the most beautiful little girl guaranteed to make me smile every day, my Littlelish.

* I say alone but really I mean with the support both financial and emotional from my amazing family and friends. Thank you, I love you so much.

I’ve big things planned for the blog so watch this space :)