My yoghurt skincare regime

It is no secret that I am a fan of Green People. We love organic products in our house and I am especially pleased with their range of children’s toiletries. But it seems I am not the only one! We are only half way through the year and the lovely team at Green People already have 2 awards under their belt.

Firstly their Dry Skin baby lotion, a wonderfully gentle and calming lotion perfect for everyday use was awarded the Bizzie Baby Silver Award. It contains no perfume, parabens, lanolin or other yucky chemicals and created purely from organically certified ingredients (94.4%) such as hemp seed, aloe vera, marigold and apricot oil (sound good enough to eat!). As statistics for babies with sensitive skin continue to rise, many parents are seeking alternatives to chemically filled skincare. The price per 150ml is £9.45.

The other product to be awarded was the mum & baby rescue balm. A versatile, multi-purpose product that is perfect for use during and after breastfeeding. It can also be used to soften the perineum, on cradle cap and generally on all dry skin both for mummy and baby. Made from organic shea butter, hemp and calendula it contains absolutely no nasties and is certified 95.9% organic. It is so mild it is even suitable for those with Eczema and skin allergies. They were awarded “Must Have” Breast Treatment by Tips Awards put to the test by real mums in real life situations. The price per 100ml is £9.70. Pricey but worth it.

Green People are celebrating National Breastfeeding Week from the 24th – 30th June 2012 by giving £3 off our Mum & Baby Rescue Balm, the organic product of choice for breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

Check out my review below and you will see that we found it very useful too!

We were sent the mum and baby rescue balm by Green People to try out. It was a great consistency, you could see a little would go a long, long way. But what would we use it for? We are long past the days of cracked nipples and stretchy perineums and we have our odd outbreak of dry skin but normally only in the winter months. I rubbed some on my dry elbows and put it on the shelf… then Littlelish came into the bathroom. Her beautiful little face had a rather large blemish on it by her mouth. Hmmmm…. She had had it for weeks, it developed when she was suffering from a cold. I wasn’t sure if it was chapped skin or a coldsore? Whatever it was it was rather unsightly, poor baby and it made her look unwell, even though she was feeling right as rain.

Like I said she’d had this thing for weeks, kept on licking it which seemed to make it worse and it wouldn’t go away. So I put the rescue balm to the test and I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colours. By the next day it had almost entirely dried up, the skin was now a little flakey so I applied some more. The following day the unsightly sore had vanished, literally without a trace. I was chuffed to bits! I can now definitely recommend this as an excellent product for what appears to be a multitude of purposes. Fantastic to know this is on my shelf when we need a miracle cure for dry, chapped skin or for when number 2 is on his/her way. Oh and my elbows? They are soft as silk ;)

Green People are very kindly offering 2 sets of the 2 award winning products as a giveaway for you and your little one. Entries below via the Rafflecopter please. The winners will be drawn at random.

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