This is the first in a series of blog posts taking a sneak peek into my life and my personal taste whether it be fashion, interiors, literature etc. I already feature items that I love in style spot but I think the beauty of a blog is your own personality and taste – the personal touch. So I’m going to try and show you a few of MY own personal favourite things each week!

This week I am loving:


My new top from TKmaxx. I’m embracing the summer vibes (yes, yes… it’s already gone cloudy again :/) and this captures exactly how I’m feeling, bright, sparkly and fun! I really enjoy wearing this top with a pair of simple skinny jeans and my brown leather plaited flip flops (another favourite this week). I just live in flip flops when the sun shines!


My other love this week is this lush nail varnish colour from Boots which I’ve loved for a little while now (since I ‘borrowed’ it from my sister a few months ago) but it is so lovely to wear on a summery day, it is such a pretty colour and looks fab with a bit of a tan :)


And last but by no means least I also have my mobile phone, complete with the worlds funkiest Marc Jacobs earphones! It goes without saying that this is one of my favourite things almost every week so better get it out of the way first haha (in my opinion you just can’t beat android phones). I do struggle without – it keeps me in touch with all my gorgeous family and friends through whatsapp, helps keep my blog running smoothly while I’m on the go and allows me to share all my lovely pics on instagram. Yup darling HTC, I’d be lost without you :)